All Saints Day party ideas


Our parish is going to have a party to celebrate All Saints Day. I’m not sure if the party will actually happen on the feast day itself or not.

We are looking for games for the kids to play that will enhance the Catholic nature of the feast. One idea we have is “bobbing” for donuts by tying the miniature cakes to a string and hanging them from a rod. The child will have to bite the donut off the string. The tradition comes from asking for soul cakes in exchange for prayers said for the dead.

Any other saintly ideas?


You could have the children dress up as their favorite saint and then have the children guess the saints. Depending on the age, have each child tell an important fact about the saint they chose to dress as.


I agree! Do a dress up!

They did this at a Catholic Family Conference that I attended a few years ago. It happened to fall on November 1, and the children of the attendees were invited to dress as saints. The Joan of Arc was adorable, and so was the St. Patrick!

Get two kids–one dresses as St. Anthony of Padua and the other as a donkey. Get it?

Or one dresses as St. Francis and one dresses as a lamb.


Another game you could do is to put out a few dozen objects on long tables, and let everyone match the objects to the appropriate saint.


  1. St. Lucy --eye balls on a platter

  2. St. Patrick–snake (or shamrock)

  3. St. Matthew–human or angel, St. Mark–lion, St. Luke–ox, St. John–eagle. Use Beenie Babies or little plastic figurines.

  4. St. Anthony of Padua–donkey, or Baby Jesus

  5. St. Joseph–staff with lilies, hammer, etc.

  6. St. Lidwina–ice skates!

  7. St. Cecelia–a piece of music.


This sounds really fun for the grownups, too! Look online to find some really obscure things!


Simple game for older children:

Saint’s Alphabet:

Go around the circle. First person has to name a saint that start with A. E.g., St. Anthony of Padua

Next person has to name a saint that starts with B, e.g., St. Barnabas.

Pity the person who gets “Q!” But perhaps you could warn the kids to do an online or books search before the party and COME PREPARED to name some very obscure saints from every letter of the alphabet!


If you have older kids:

Divide them into teams. Assign each team a “saint” and give them a short summary of the saint’s life (less than a page).

Give them paper bags, markers, crayons, yarn, bric-brac, fabric, etc.

They are to make paper bag puppets, and use the material in the summary to write (or ad lib) a very short skit about the saint.

For example, if a team is given St. Anthony of Padua, perhaps they could make a St. Anthony bag puppet, and several fish bag puppets, and then write a very short skit in which St. Anthony preaches to the fish, since no one else will listen to him.

Then each team presents its skit with its puppets. It would be hilarious if the adults at the party could be the audience.

Give each team an “Oscar.” (You can actually buy mini Oscar statuettes at party stores.)


These look like fun, but I guess I was looking for more carnival type games like ring toss with halos. I know I would not be able to name those saints based on the tray items.


At our All Saints Day party, we having:


A simple dinner (hot dogs and chips)

A toss the Halo

A cake walk–with steps made out of Virtues and Catholic music

A pinata–the pinata symbolizes the seven deadly sins. The candy symbolizes God’s grace pouring out

A sucker tree (that we are calling a Virtue tree)

The donut game.

A guess who I am game


A parish by me has a festival every year and they have GREAT games…all of them are saint-related. I can only think of one at the moment.

Small children will go up to the table and choose a prayer to recite. Small children usually choose the “Hail Mary” or before meal grace or something. When they say it correctly they win a prize.

I think there was an apostles-fishing pond and others…I will check with someone and post again because they had some fun ones for little kids (6 or 7 games) and they were all set up carnival style.

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