All Saints Day...

Since Thursday is a Holy Day of Obligation, my wife and I are cutting my business trip to Chicago short to attend the Wednesday evening service at our parish. As this is our first HDO as Catholics (attending RCIA), I just want to be sure this will fulfill that obligation. Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

If you attend the Vigil Mass on Wednesday you are fulfilling your obligation. Don’t worry!

Awesome, thank you!

If you are still in RCIA and have not been received into the Church, you have no obligation.

Still, it’s nice to get into the habit of making it.

There is a Mass times website that I have used to find Mass when I am traveling. While it may not address a Holy Day, it should have phone numbers that can be callled to ask.

I actually enjoy attending Mass in new environments and travel gives me that rare opportunity.

You can attend any Catholic Churches in Chicago or anywhere It doesn’t have to be at your home parish.

Have a look at to see if there are HDO Masses scheduled near where you will be in Chicago. You should call the parish just to be sure the info on the website is correct. Any Mass from Wednesday evening (after 4pm) through Thursday evening will count for your obligation.

Part of the beauty of the Catholic Church is that you can attend any valid Mass at any Catholic parish in the world to fulfill your Sunday or HDO Mass obligation.

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