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I am trying to start an online “guild” of sorts and need some advice/help. The intention of the site/guild is to help Christians gain a better understanding of the saints and allow the saints to help us in our Christian journey.

While doing this, the site is also meant to inform Catholics of some of the basics of Christianity that some Catholics take for granted or simply don’t know. I live in the “Bible Belt” in southern Missouri and I often see Fundamental Protestants living out their faith a lot better than us Catholics in the area. Or it seems so anyway.

I heard an analogy a long time ago that might help me explain. To us Catholics, we may see Protestants as having the meat and potatoes of the Christian faith, but we Catholics have the main course plus all the side dishes, fixings, dressings, and desserts. We believe our faith is more complete because of the Sacraments, Mass, etc… They help bring out the taste of the main course. But despite all the beautiful tools and gifts that our Catholic faith shares, we can sometimes forget what the main course is or forget that it is there altogether.

I’m talking about book three of Mere Christianity and what C.S. Lewis talks about when he writes on Christ living and working through us, transforming us, because of our Baptism. So anyway, with all that said, I want to have the guild members agree to read and understand some of the basics of Christianity so that they know what Baptism is, what love really is (as opposed to what our culture says it is), and what humility really is etc… This can help inform Catholics/Christians or just be a nice refresher of Mere Christianity. Then we can build a good forum community from that universal foundation. The site will also hopefully serve to help Protestants who may value the lives of the saints but not necessarily be open to the Catholic faith. Hopefully this site can help bridge that gap a bit.

The main action of the guild is to reflect on a saint each month and write a little about the saint in the forum as well as how the saint’s life lessons can apply to your own life. Then we can share and build a community of support that could help us live our Christian lives more fully and more presently in the world.

The site is at

I’m just trying to get some impressions of the site. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please respond so I can decide if this is a worth while endeavor or how it can be improved.

One thought (if this actually takes off) was to have a little medallion with the logo on it for purchase for a few dollars so that it could remind one of the community and what it stands for. Before I did something like that, I want to get some feedback to see if anyone thinks this idea has merit. Thoughts?


John Blaine

Check out . Do you think the purpose of the guild has merit? Would you join it? Why or why not?

I checked out your site and it looks like a fantastic idea. I look forward to seeing the development of the website.

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