All sinners deserving of death?

Hi, I’m considering converting to Christianity.

So God is supposed to be actuality itself. And sin is a turning away from God, this actuality. And sin results in death, where the body loses actuality as a consequence from turning from God.

My question is this: hypothetically, if someone committed only a tiny sin (say, they treated someone a little bit unfairly), and then repented, suffered the consequences of that tiny sin (say, their reputation took a little hit) and they grew after that… why do they die fully, rather than the size of the crime matching the size of the consequence? Why isn’t it that their body decays a tiny bit and then recovers?

No, they did not die fully.

In Catholicism we have Venial and Mortal sins. Mortal sins kill you. Venial sins injure, but do not kill you.

Also, unless you are speaking about either a child or an invalid or an exceptional saint, I highly doubt they’ve only ever sinned a tiny bit.

Kei, so why do all people die at the same kind of life expectancy?

We all do sin.

Very few would ever fit your description except maybe a child or invalid.

We are born with original sin and its effects, including death. Original sin is not actual sin that you commit, but a state caused by the fall of Adam and Eve from Grace, losing the Divine Companionship in so strong a way as they had it.

When we say you die, we mean spiritually. Physically, death is caused by the fall.

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In Heaven these physical bodies will no longer be needed we will get “different bodies” and we won’t really feel sad about losing these bodies we have because they are prone to illness, pain, decay, imperfections.

Dont confuse biological death with spiritual death…yes from a biological stanpoint, because we are all sinners, we must die…but, from a spiritual standpoint, the baptised died in Christ, and Christ defeated sin, hence he defeated death…and this is what the savaltion economy and Easter is all about.

Pax et bonum!

Ok, I get it. Thanks.

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First of all, welcome to the forum, and I’m praying fir you on your spiritual journey.

I want to explain about sin.

A lot of people seem to have this idea, that at the beginning of time, God sat down with a list of all possible human actions and arbitrarily decided “sin, sin, sin, not a sin, sin, not a sin…” as He went down the list.
And therefore, some actions are sin, or not.

But actually, sins are actions that are harmful to us, in themselves. The commandments and moral rules we follow are God’s warnings to keep us away from harm.


Thank you. It’s appreciated.

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The wages of sin - is death.

But Paul also said, “ Oh death, where is thy sting.
Oh grave, where is thy victory “ :slightly_smiling_face:

You suffer the effects of the sins of others as well.

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