All-Sufficient Word

I’m not sure if this is the best place to put this topic, but it matches closest to what I see.

Anyways, I was just curiously browsing a Q&A website by sola-scriptura Christians in a section called “Catholic Questions”, where they gave a Catholic-ish answer (not a full answer) with references only to Catholic people and the Catechism as sources, then claim it as the “unbiblical” understanding, and then proceed to describe the “biblical” answer using passages from the bible (nothing new right).

My question comes from a particular article (might be present in others as well), where they say “Thus, as we try to understand the concepts of mortal and venial sin, let us look for final answers in God’s all-sufficient Word.” Is “all-sufficient” an oxymoron?

From my understanding, saying “all” implies completeness or encompassing (covering everything) and “sufficient” implies minimalism or what is good enough for the needs discussed. Am I wrong in finding this to be an oxymoron? Would it be right to call the bible “all-sufficient”. Besides, I’ve always considered the bible to be God’s inspired words written down by man, and that Jesus is God’s Word, or the Word of God.

I don’t know… What do you lot think?

“All-sufficient” is the kind of clichéd word that advocates of solo scriptura tend to employ without a second thought when describing the Bible.

Is that sentence all-sufficient for you? :wink:

Regarding “all-sufficient”: Your exegesis of the term’s etymology is correct. However, by that phrase many Protestants are trying to say we should only consult Scripture to determine what is true with regards to the faith.

Now, I think there are a slew of problems with that sentiment, but I don’t think they are using the term as precisely as its etymology suggests.

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