All swabs will be thrown out following Trump visit, Puritan says


Couldn’t they have said no to the visit?

Perhaps. But, his disregard for sound leadership by setting an example instead of putting a company in an uncomfortable position should have been the order of the day.

Couldn’t he had just yielded to sound medical and scientific advice, instead of employing his “bull in a china shop” tactics?


Given the gathering of large crowds (peaceful.or violent) in many major cities, why are we still worried about reopening?

The media criticizes Trump, who is probably tested daily, for going about without a mask, but way too little has been said about those in the large crowds.

I am soooooo confused… :woozy_face: and I think I have whiplash.

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No one, including the people on Catholic answers, truly seems to care about masks. They care when it allows them to go after Trump (who I disagree with here frankly), but I wouldn’t take any of them seriously. The inconsistency and hyperfocus on select new items highlights their charade.

The difference in this instance is that Trump was visiting a production facility that produces a medical testing swab for the testing of Covid. These swabs are to go out to facilities to be used on real patients. Quality control must be maintained. Quality control is broken when he tours the facility witthout a mask, or even a hair net, and starts fiddling with the tests, handling them without gloved hands and placing tests near his nostril.

You may think of this as a criticism of Trump. At this time, I have absolutely no expectation for Trump to follow masking guidelines. He has blatantly said so. My 10 year child has also told me that he doesn’t want to wear a mask. So, I say fine you’rer not going out into places with people. I do not blame Trump in the same way that I don’t blame my 10 year old. I actually fully blame the manufacturing plant for allowing him to tour their facility, while not enforcing masking and sanitary guidelines to maintain quality control of medical tests that are to be used on real patients.

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To be honest, if he wasn’t completely covered in a sanitary suit, they would have the throw the swabs away…

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The virus is carried in airborne particulates, not over long ties made in Chinese textile mills…you have a copy of manufacturing protocol to substantiate your deflection?

I agree with you on this 100%. Which is why I fully put the blame on the manufacturing plant. At this time, no tours should be taking place at these type of facilities at all. We are so short of Covid tests, the priority should be to maintain quality control of the production of these tests. The break in quality control is the fault of the manufacturing facility

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Of course we can’t blame Trump at all since he apparently has the mentality and temperament of an average 10-year-old child (I assume your son is more than average), and that only on a good day.


Thank goodness it wasn’t a toilet paper factory.


Toilet paper factory would be a convenient place For his staff to clean up some of his statementS.


If you were the CEO of the manufacturing plant, would you have told him. “NO! you can’t visit”?

Yes I would

thank you for your answer. I suspect most would not.

I might not…he’s vindictive enough where he would make business very hard, and I wouldn’t put him manipulating commerce department and IRS for retribution for “disrespecting” him.

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Not everyone bends to his will. Recently a company in Pennsylvania, a company that themselves manufactures material for face masks, canceled a visit from him.

“Citing documents and two people familiar with the decision, The Post said factory bosses asked to postpone the visit over concerns that Trump’s visit could jeopardize workers’ safety and harm the factory’s ability to make the materials for masks and other medical supplies.”

This kind of reminds me of an investigation of a series of assaults. The authorities found that the DNA kits were pointing to the same person even though the assaults happened far apart geographically. They eventually found the person that matched the DNA. It was a worker in a facility in which DNA collection kits were made.

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