All the Game Threads closed under the "Casual Discussions" category?


Is it my imagination?

Are they no longer allowed?


They had no activity in the past 2. Weeks?


They are some of the most active threads on CAF. Those threads are a great place to post when you want to have some fellowship with your CAF compadres without being so serious.


I participate daily on the “Change One Word” and the “Song Title” threads.
They’re both closed.

And the “Curmudgeon thread” and the “Tell an Outrageous Lie About the Previous Poster” thread are both closed also.




I just created a new Song Title game, and it says it will automatically close in 14 days (it doesn’t say it will be closed 14 days after the last post…)

Can this be changed?



I was wondering at this well - my happy things thread is set to lock in 8 days despite being active. Is that how it’s supposed to be?


Is there anyone here answering questions?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


@Autumn-Smoke and @DarkLight,


Fixed. Thank you.


Thank you so much!


Can you look at if the Curmudgeons thread should be unlocked? It looked like that’s how it got locked - it was an older active thread and I think it autolocked.


Please provide a link to the topic.





The Song Title thread is set to close in 7 days. Can it be extended?

Thank you very much


It seemed like all topics in the #casual-discussion category were set to close 14 days after the first post rather than 14 days after the last post. It seems like this has been fixed with the newer topics, but there are still some of the older ones that are set to close even if they are active.

Of course, in less than two weeks, it will be a moot point. :wink:


Thank you for fixing it!!!


Got another one that seems to have auto-closed.

Thank you!


Happy things are here again! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


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