All The Negative Condescending LDS Threads


Hope everyone is well. Finally opened an account. I’ve been browsing the forums for awhile and reading threads. Really enjoy some aspects of the conversations here. One thing I don’t care for is the negative attitude and condescending comments towards LDS members. I understand that theology wise we don’t see eye to eye and the Catholic Church doesn’t accept their Baptism. Although this is no reason to bash the individual people or make comments that seem to imply they are fake, weird, or cultish type people ect

I’ve seen this sentiment expressed over and over here. Just a recent thread goes on and on about them “glowing” and in another thread someone jumping to conclusions they have sinister motives behind their evangelization and they’re putting on an act and are fake. I think constant comments like these are lame and would be received in a negative light by an LDS member here perhaps interested in Catholicism.

I was very good friends with a girl who was raised LDS. She wasn’t practicing and sorta had a sour taste for religion all together. I don’t blame her. The doctrines of her church are out there. And I’m sure there were some very radical people that put her off growing up the same as I’ve encountered in Catholicism/Christianity. Although I defitenly imagine its worse in the LDS church. The legalism seems like it’s more extreme. Also I understand when I say the doctrines are out there an atheist can say the same thing about Catholicism. But that’s another discussion. So while my friend wasn’t practicing she still identified Mormonism as her religion at the time. She had a bunch of family who identified with the religion. We are no longer friends but to this day she is one of the kindest people I’ve met.

I’m friends with another member now and this person has done more for the poor (and continues to) than anyone I’ve known. Continually going to other countries and investing time and money to help those in need. On a recent vacation she actually posted pictures of beautiful Catholic and Orthodox Churches she had visited. These recent scandals have made evangelization almost impossible but it’s cool to see the pictures she’s posted and who knows if she may convert one day. While LDS she is certainly not Anti-Catholic.

I’m sure there are crazy LDS people. Ones who are not sincere and just want people to convert to their religion at all costs. But there are tons of Catholics like this as well. And I’ve found it surprising how almost every thread is negative even to the individual people. I understand the gripes with what the church teaches. But there are some great people in the church who are doing a ton for the poor and the least of these. To paint them all in a negative light is a mistake.


Not everyone is negative. Some posters are more critical and vocal about what they believe.


I was the one who originally posted about the glow. I found the girls to be very sincere and sweet as I mentioned. I saw the glow as a positive thing.


That’s cool. But it shouldn’t include negativity and assumptions about the people themselves.


I don’t think I did those things.


@halogirl You’re good. Its just a theme I’ve noticed here. Not you in particular.


Some people are just more negative than others. I read most threads and take away what I can. If I disagree with a poster, then I pray for them. I learned to do this when one poster kept making posts about death (as a joke). The posts really bothered me and I posted back several times, but it did not change anything. Now, I stick to praying for them. I do understand how you feel about the attitudes of others.


That’s good advice. Everyone can use prayers :slight_smile:


All I’m saying I’ve noticed a lot of negative LDS threads that not only go after the doctrines (rightly so) but also attack the people. I don’t think that’s good especially when there might be LDS people browsing these forums interested in Catholicism.


I have also met some very pleasant LDS folks and have never found them to be pushy or aggressive.


I think a lot of it stems from the fact that being LDS requires such an extreme suspension of disbelief in order to adhere to it.

In addition to the standard Christian supernatural events one must give a nod to, a Mormon’s gotta believe in ancient submarines, ancient American peoples no one can find any trace of, a text that mentions all sorts of things that didn’t exist in the Americas until after Columbus landed (not to mention the text being written by a someone like Joseph Smith - a known huckster). The list, I assure you, can go on.

Some consider it’s very existence an assault on reason.


I understand as far as attacks on the individual which I haven’t seen here really (not saying they aren’t out there but I’ve not come across them), mostly I’ve read harsh disagreements on their beliefs as a whole, which, God willing, will nudge any LDS on this forum to. at the very least, do more research on their faith.


OP, you obviously have not spent any time in the World News sub-forum.
You will see negativity and condescension there as well. But that is the nature of some people. All sub-forums have it, some more than others. Just don’t engage in it yourself, and flag something if it is truly offensive.



I had some fun with the idea of people glowing last evening but I didn’t mention any religion apart from Catholic. We are quite serious as a rule and it’s pleasant to chuckle now and then.

It should be said that this is a Catholic forum of course and though I doubt if anyone will be inconsiderate about other faiths they are likely to criticise from time to time. If someones faith is sound they should be able to cope with that I think.


I think bad ideas should be criticized. I criticized the LDS doctrines in my original posts. A poster above said the religion is evil. Are we supposed to go this far? I thought as Catholics we are supposed to see the good and partial truths that exist in all religions? I’m not opposed to saying it’s evil but is that what the Catholic Church teaches on how we are to respond to other religions?

At any rate even if soneone say the LDS church is evil that does not give the person the right to then group all LDS members as being a certain negative way. Not accusing any one poster of this but it’s a trend I’ve seen and it motivated me to open an account and make my first post about it.

I don’t think I ever read anything offensive to the point it would need to be flagged but just what seemed more often than not to be a pattern of condescending remarks/tone about the actual members themselves. Questioning their motives ect


We are encouraged to flag posts that go too far. If you see something like that you are free to flag it.


In today’s reading St. Paul admonished the Galatians and called them stupid, more than once. He was zealous in defense of the truth. Jesus called out false doctrine and I’m sure many repented because of it.
I think love and rebuke can go hand in hand for such a serious matter as our souls. Jesus thought so.

(runs away from tomatoes being thrown)


I was surprised to see someone describing that faith as evil. Sometimes it’s tempting to see others as in need of being saved from error I’m sure.

It’s good that you bring up this thread imo, perhaps it will help current posters to be more charitable. A friend of mine suggested to me that I write my posts and then wait ten minutes and review what I’d written before posting, good advice, but I’m usually too impatient to wait!

The other advice is to try not to get too personal, too much ego involvement always leads us astray.


Good advice for me as well. Then i wouldn’t have to edit 7 times. I’m also impatient and just hit post/reply.


Uh oh. Edit time.

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