All these DH DD abbrevations - getting old?

Quoting ATeutonicKnight from this thread -

Can Catholic Answers Forums make it a rule that everyone must call a family member by actual title and not an acronym? That’s something I would wholeheartedly support. I have always hated lazy acronyms with a passion, and I don’t see why someone can’t just say “husband” or may even “dear husband” if they so choose. Then again, I write at a 112 words per minute, so…

:thumbsup: I realize this is a trend among modern moms, and I’m probably going to catch some flak for saying this, but here lately there’s something about these abbreviations that seems really annoying. I can’t quite put my finger on it - is it cloying? Too trendy? Too confusing? Or just getting to be cliche’d perhaps?

I am not without guilt in using trendy lingo, I realize. I even do LOLspeak. So feel free to throw tomatoes at me. :smiley: Just had to get this off my chest. Thank you. :curtsey:

I find them benignly silly, and often counter productive since the acronyms are not yet widely understood. But maybe I’m getting old.

As any acronym comes into common usage, it may begin to serve the purpose of conciseness. But frankly I’d prefer people just say husband, wife, daughter, son, etc.

Also, I find these acronyms to be oxymoronic. What’s the point of refering to someone as “dear” whatever and then reducing it to an acronym anyway? I love my dear wife, but that’s a lot of typing (8 letters!), so I’ll refer to her as DW instead.

I don’t like most of 'em, but have gotten used to them. I do find it silly to slap a “D” in front of H, W, D, S, and whatever other letter people stick them to, especially when the poster in question is complaining about that person and not making him or her sound “dear” to the poster at all. I do like acronyms for long, unwieldy titles like mother-in-law and stay-at-home-mother, but like 3DOCTORS, I type lightning fast and don’t get how “DD” saves a lot of time. Perhaps someone who uses lots of these abbreviations will comment and enlighten us as to why they are appealing.

Good luck trying to get people to stop using acronyms on the internet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand getting somewhat irritated at their overuse, but calling people “lazy” for using them is overkill (IMHO ;)). You are never going to eliminate them from online discussions.

I was always informed using them is just internet etiquette. Same as typing in ALL CAPS is SHOUTING AT SOMEONE. Its not “trendy” or “modern”, they are used on every message board or site I’ve ever been a member of for the past 20 plus years. This is the only site and the first site I’ve ever seen someone complain about them.

I use them, because I often have only one hand to type with, (a child is usually taking up the other hand). Thus no matter how fast I type is it greatly reduced by the fact that I am using one hand. So acronyms are a handy tool to help speed up my posting time.

I do NOT like them so if per chance you see one in a post of mine, smack me upside my head, please. :blackeye:

I find them mostly benign, but when I read a post that is almost ALL acronyms, I get annoyed. “Yesterday, DH and DD went to lunch with DS and my MIL where they talked about FIL’s prostate exam, which IMHO was just TMI, LMFAO.” Enough!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I passionately abhor those acronyms. They are like fingernails on a chalkboard. If I referred to my husband as my “DH” I’d shoot myself.

I’ve been seeing these abbreviations on this board ever since I got on. They are not new or trendy. I don’t understand why now all of a sudden they are getting a bad rap.If you don’t like them don’t use them. I’m able to easily subsitute the word husband for DH and daughter for DD or whatever the acroymn is. :rolleyes:

I have no strong feelings, one way or the other.

As long as people make sense and are not making billions of spelling errors every sentence, I am fine with them. Now if they started typing “lik the dun no how 2 use a keyboard or spel lik thi all the tyme”, that would be annoying.

For some browsers, there is an addon where you can get it to convert the acronyms to actual text. I seen someone do it in Chrome, but I’m sure there are addons/extensions for Firefox and Opera as well.

Edit: Also, not everyone’s first language is English either, so I do keep that in mind too. :slight_smile:

Agreed. I’ll be the first to admit when I saw a reference to “DH”, I thought it was the desginated hitter.

:smiley: Me, too. It took me a while to figure out what they meant. I think I had to google it.

I remember when my wife (DW ;)) first encountered it and asked me about it. She didn’t understand how “DS” saved so much time over writing “son”. It’s just one character shorter. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m perfectly comfortable with commonly used acronyms. It is a little annoying when people use obscure ones that result in my having to google them, but that rarely happens. But dh and mil etc. are so commonly used that they don’t cause any reduction in comprehension of the posts, and they eliminate the redundancy that can be frustrating when using the whole word. Remember that in real life speaking or writing, we don’t refer to our husbands and “husband” but by his name, and same goes for “mother in law.” To me, the use of these acronyms is like using pronouns - they simplify writing that would otherwise be tedious.

What is much more annoying, is that now that people are using computers less and typing on phones more, they are making soooo many more typos, to the point where it makes comprehension quite difficult at times. I am reading sentences like: “my hsubadn tlod me to wahs his shir nd pans…” This is the equivalent of giving someone a real note that is scribbled in illegible handwriting, and in my opinion is quite rude. Unless it is an emergency, if you want people online to spend their time reading what you wrote, you owe them the courtesy of making it easy to understand.

I love acronyms… they make typing much faster when you’re trying to get to the point of the discussion. :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t say “Dear ___” in my mind… I say “Dahling ___” in my finest southern twang. :smiley:


I cann’t bring myself to say “dear son”, now if I had a daughter, that’s fine. I don’t care if he’s my son, but men shouldn’t be going around calling one another “dear”.

I think they’re fine as long as they are not ambiguous:

One complaint is that SIL can be sister-in-law or son-in-law.

I frequent another forum which is dedicated to childcare. There’s a whole other set of acronyms to learn. When I saw a thread entitled something like “BM in the Fridge,” I shuddered, imagining a dirty diaper in the refrigerator. I opened the thread to read about breast milk in the refrigerator.

:rotfl: OMG that has me crying with laughter!
YES - BM (breastmilk) ALWAYS throws me off!!! :eek: lÃ* trang web trò choi Gunny có phiên b?n Gunny 2 m?i nh?t v?i các tÃnh nang t?t nh?t, uu vi?t nh?t, d?y d? nh?t trên th? tru?ng hi?n nay. du?c xây d?ng nh?m mang d?n m?t sân choi vui v?, lÃnh m?nh cho t?t c? các b?n tr? thanh, thi?u niên sau nh?ng gi? h?c t?p cang th?ng. V?i d?i ngu Ban V?n HÃ*nh chuyên nghi?p, s? mang l?i cho các b?n 1 d?ch v? ch?t lu?ng t?t nh?t.

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