All-Time Record-High Temperature Set in San Francisco; Record Heat Shifts to the Northwest This Week


That darned Chinese hoax is getting hotter by the minute. :smiley: Stick a fork in us, we’re done!

The result has been numerous daily record highs, and also all-time record highs and record highs for September. San Jose set a new record high for September on Friday when the thermometer reached 108 degrees, as did the Oakland International Airport with a high of 101 degrees.

Most impressive is the new all-time record high set on Sept. 1 in San Francisco when the mercury soared to 106 degrees, breaking the previous record of 103 degrees set in June 2000. To put this in perspective, the average high on Sept. 1 is 70 degrees.

San Francisco’s high temperature topped out at 102 degrees Saturday, making it only the third time since 1874 that the city had seen back to back days with highs over 100 degrees.

The city of Salinas also broke its all-time high temperature by reaching 109 degrees Saturday afternoon. The previous record of 105 degrees was set in 1987.

Farther north, Eureka, California, tied its all-time record high of 87 degrees on Saturday, which last occurred Oct. 26, 1993.


And the only solution is to surrender all of our freedoms to the experts at the UN Building, the EU Parliment, and Washington DC.


only Jesus can set you free, brother




It’s been a very mild and pleasant summer here in the Ozarks. Of course that’s a sign of cc too.


It’s been very much on the cool side of the scales here in northern Luzon, quite pleasant as well actually.


Our Father…Hail Mary x10
Glory Be…Fatima Prayer…Amen!


Meanwhile, it’s been freezing in Pennsylvania all weekend. Went to an outdoor concert last night and had to take a blanket, not to sit on, but to get under.


Man made climate change causes hot temperatures, cold temperatures, droughts, floods, snow, lack of snow, a reduction of the ice sheets, a growth of the ice sheets, hurricanes, lack of hurricanes, insects, lack of insects, etc.

Clearly there must be man made climate change. :shrug:


For the past 2 weeks, it has been in the 50s and 60s in Massachusetts. (In AUGUST) I can’t remember the last time a person could wear shorts. I turned on a portable heater 3 times while I was working. (In AUGUST)

Frankly, I am considering doing my part and increasing my carbon footprint. In New England, we need Global Warming.


Where is northern Luzon?


Philippines…northernmost island…about the same Latitude as Mexico City.


Oh OK. Thank you. I thought it might be in the Phillipines, but I wasn’t sure.


What then do you recommend we do? Act like morons and ignore the evidence for climate change - or deny it like the folks who think this is some kind of hoax?

"Obstructionist attitudes, even on the part of believers, can range from denial of the problem to indifference, nonchalant resignation or blind confidence in technical solutions."

Amen! Obstructionist attitudes are rampant on CAF. If it doesn’t make some folks squirm to be called out so clearly - it should. I put people who deny the scientific evidence for climate change in the same box as those who deny the scientific evidence for the humanity of an unborn child. The most charitable description of their attitude is willful ignorance born of self interest.

Hope the heat doesn’t cause any snowflakes to melt.:popcorn:


It would seem as Christians we will make an attempt to live in a frugal way and exhibit generosity towards our neighbors who are needy.

We have to consider the wisdom, as an example, of legislating “biofuels” when that amounts to burning food and raising food prices for those who can ill-afford it. That is just one example of where we have a political choice that is not dictated by science directly.

We also have to consider how shifting our rules can shift jobs away and worsen pollution and environmental problems worldwide. For instance, if we lower our own sustainable lumber production but don’t lower our lumber demand, we may actually be accelerating the destruction of ecosystems worldwide and weakening social conditions both here and elsewhere.

We also have to be sober in other ways about the costs and benefits of our proposals to “do something” about situations that concern us. If it is going to be the least prosperous who shoulder the burden of some public policy, we have to concern ourselves with how their losses will be compensated. I don’t mean giving people money. I mean considering how opportunities for dignified self-support and productive work can be enhanced in one respect when that is diminished in another. Training is great when there is a reason to believe it will be useful, but in the end it does good only when it realistically leads to sustainable employment.


Obstruction of what? No one is obstructing the development of clean fuels. I have moved to almost exclusive use of LED lights in my home. Why? Because they last longer and cost me less money in energy usage.
And that’s what you do. Make it economical and convenient through the market place, not by government coercion, to move away from fossil fuels.

But I can promise that I will obstruct in all ways legal attempts to compromise my rights. When former VP Al Gore flies around the world in his private jet to tell governments that I should have to cut my “carbon footprint”, all while he’s banking millions of dollars on the issue, it is easy to see why Americans are reluctant to listen. And when these hypocrites resort to name calling and bullying tactics of those who question the data, some of which has been regularly falsified, it is even easier to see why many of us question to motives of the CC movement.

So, I’m not willing to cede one inch of the moral high ground to Al Gore, Heidi Cullen, Bill Nye and their ilk.


A thoughtful response. It is one thing to acknowledge the problem and another thing to try to find the best actions to address it. Many people still cling to the notion that this is all just part of God’s natural cycles in creation and has nothing to do with human stewardship. Many who found the Pope’s words in Laudatory Si inappropriate and out of place. And so there is nothing we ought to of change.

I am as much concerned about water, earth (fracking) and air quality as I am about climate change, the larger broader isuue.

We have trapped ourselves. We are dependent on fossil fuels, My wife is the most ardent environmentalist I know and even she consumes gas and oil driving a car, even she partake of electrical energy from the local coal burning utility. But change must be gradual. Otherwise we have a giant culture and economic shock that could be counter productive…


A Quick Carbon Footprint Estimate

Here is a carbon footprint calculator. Enter your zip code, number of people in your family and yearly income for an estimate of your carbon footprint. It provides a breakdown by: Travel, Home, Food, Goods, and Services, for the average use of fossil fuels for in your zip code.


How much has Al Gore made for himself through his climate change awareness efforts?


I believe this what we call the “dog days of summer”.

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