All Tracked Threads?

Is there a place in our profile where we can have a list of all the threads we’ve ever put on “Tracked” or “Watching”? I use my “Unread” page quite often, but sometimes it dwindles to 0 because I’ve read everything, and there’s one topic I’d like to go revisit but searching isn’t quite working for me…

Click on activity on your profile page.

Not seeing it here… could you be more specific? I’m looking for a list of not posts, but threads, which I didn’t necessarily start myself, and it would go back several months to the time of my account creation.

Okay, I can’t help you with that. They used to have that as a feature on the old CAF, and also a way to unsubscribe from them from the list.

Yes, it is very inconvenient to click through a thread and scroll all the way to bottom to untrack it. You would think we could do that from the top as well, or even without clicking through on the unread list. I would like a way to quickly catch up and recover if I am away for a week or two and the posts pile up…

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