All uniquely different how are we all sinners


I know some people who can forgive effortlessly. Some people can agree to disagree, accept others perspectives, and take criticism gracefully.
I’ve always wondered if you were rational, calm, honest, thick skinned, independent, and confident why would you need God? What would God have to offer you?
Some people don’t seem like broken. Or as broken as others.


We all have strengths and weaknesses. Some weaknesses are not obvious. Things such as pride, lust, etc.

If a person seems not to “need” God, I would say that it is only by the grace of God that it appears that way. Without God, where will they be? Or if those things get taken away through an accident, disease, or age?

Self reliance isn’t a good thing if we lose sight of the source of strength which is God alone. Brokenness isn’t a bad thing, if from it we reach out to God through our brokenness.


Everyone needs God. Every single person. Because without God, there would be no salvation, and even the best people would go to Hell.


We’re all still mortal. No matter how good or capable you are you’re still going to die.

And if you’re less of a sinner than me you’re still a sinner. You need God’s forgiveness because without it you go to Hell.

Why Hell even for lesser sins? Because the greater the dignity of the person you insult, the greater the offense. All sins are insults to God, and God’s dignity is infinite.

You need God’s forgiveness.


When most people think of sinners they think of irresponsible, cruel, lazy, impolite people not your average law abiding citizen


Why would the best of people still go to hell?


Mankind universally shares concupiscence.

A person who is elevated because of their upbringing or because of role models or other circumstances will have much greater demands placed on them than somebody who had none of those things.



Whoever is given much, much is expected from them


Without God there is no salvation. We do not earn salvation based on what we call good deeds. Jesus, who is God, brings us salvation. For this reason, without God there simply is no salvation.


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