All Vermont middle and high schoolers (age 11 on up) will have access to free condoms under new law

The new law would prevent schools from allowing parents to opt out when children as young as 12 or 13 seek out condoms.

“There should be concern when there is evidence that a child is engaged in a sexual relationship - such as when a 12-year old seeks out condoms,” said a right to life spokesperson.

Vermont is the first state in the United States to make free condoms available in public middle and high schools.

Maybe they will stamp them “For prevention of disease only” like was required in WWII.

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A scorching wind their allotted cup

I would stop paying taxes to any district that does that.


All Catholic parents in Vermont should begin home-schooling or sending their children to Catholic schools, exclusively.

If you can’t opt-out of the condom giveaway, than opt-out of public indoctrination that masquerades as education in the Great State of Vermont.

Lord have mercy on Vermont,
Deacon Christopher


Here is an idea, raise your children so they have a relationship with Christ and His Church, where they know they can talk to parents about any and everything without causing embarrassment or punishment, teach and model Catholic values, talk about the embarrassing things to their kids, so the kids would not want to seek out a secret condom.


I’m a little baffled why the government is giving children tools to engage in an activity they can’t legally consent to.


Vermont, with all its good things, is not immune from evil. But please —not you, Deacon, but some of the others commenting on this thread—please do not wish evil on the people of Vermont for the sins of a few.

Ain’t nothing free …

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A twelve year old can still engage in this activity without a condom and I’m sure that it’s assumed that some of them are doing so. The thinking, no doubt, is that if they’re going to do it, it would be better for them to be doing it with a condom than without a condom.


What’s so sad and horrifying about this scenario is the schools may not teach any sexual morals, but are passing out codoms.

(The same people cheering all this on are also scratching their heads why tweens and teens have had such a sharp increase in developmental problems and mental health issues in recent years, but why go through all the trouble connecting the dots…)


Oh they are allowed to teach sexual morals, just not Christian morals.

Their warped sense of morality is freely taught.


Oh yes, because we know that as long as we teach them that they will be perfect little angels regardless of outside peer pressure.

We should a) teach them Catholic values, and b) do everything we can to limit access and encouragement to their occasions of sin.


While I appreciate the concept of the idea, the fact is that plenty of children were raised in exactly this way, by parents who made sure their children knew about Christ, had relationships with Christ, talked to the children and the children knew they could talk to the parents without embarrassment or punishment, etc., and those children still went out and did wrong things, including obtaining condoms, in secret.

There is a fine line between noting that there is a Christian and Godly way to raise children and promoting it—which is helpful—and the notion that if a child does do something wrong then the presumption is all the parents did wrong; IF the parents had done thus and so the children would not have done these things.

Such an attitude hurts everybody, but especially the parents who, again, have done what they were supposed to do and now feel even more betrayed for being assumed to have the been the cause of their children’s wrong actions.


Yes,don’t underestimate that sin is fun, and like all traps is laced with tasty glittery bait.


Well, that is stupid



Basically parents rights to parent are being taken away left and right… just when you think it won’t possibly get worse, it always does.


What the hey!!?? :rage:

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How much longer before a majority of parents say “I am pulling my children out of public school because it is the only way for me to raise my children according to my beliefs and values” ?


Maybe they’ll fill them with water and drop them off the school roof.

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