All you "fanatical" Catholics


I’m just wondering if you consider yourself “fanatical”?

What do you do that other Catholics don’t… or dont do much of?

Has anyone called you fanatical?

Do ever get the feeling therre aren’t many of us around??

(and anything else you care to add)


Well, the closest to this is that I’ve been called (by my friends I grew up with whom I no longer speak with so much) "Jay’s not fun anymore. " :slight_smile:


Those of us who are pro-life and didn’t vote for BO are fanatics.

Eddie Mac


I’ve not been called “fanatical”… but I’ve heard the term “that religious nut” being used to describe me before… I guess it has something to do with the rosary on my rear-view mirror, the Divine Mercy and St. Michael bumper sticker, and the St. Benedict medal sticker on my car. My mom asks me frequently if I’ve been “churched-out” yet. I go at least once daily.

I go to EF of Sundays… so most people that prays Mass with me on Sundays are of similar minds. But the rest of the week, besides my really good friend, I’m the only Catholic I regularly come in contact with outside of daily Mass.



I’ve never been called a “fanatic”, but I do get some raised eyebrows when I’ve told other Catholics that they shouldn’t skip Mass on Sunday. I get the “well, you’re not perfect!” response because I bring up a precept of the Catholic Church. I know I’m not perfect, but I don’t want to dig a deeper hole by not following Church basics. And I don’t want the ones I love to suffer needlessly because they don’t follow the Church’s teachings.


There are plenty; most don’t advertise. They are quiet, humble, and prayerful. If you want to see them, go to 6:30 mass on weekdays. Or attend the daily conventual mass at an abbey in your area.


Arrrg. Jay, BEEN THERE. I was labeled… “the GOOD girl” in High School. Because I let it be known, that I attended Mass regularly.

btw… by “good” they meant, “geek”. :wink:


Harry Potter

Just to name a few :wink: Be sure to offer your insults to Jesus :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve been called a fanatic, but honestly, I prefer the term “Jesus Freak” :wink:


There is nothing cooler or more attractive than a christian woman. they are my favorite bad*** chicks :smiley:


I’ve gotten “religious nut” a number of times. I feel there aren’t many of us on this coast, at least.:frowning:


i look around all the time mostly at work and i say to my self how can some people live life not believing in god, not praying and live life the TV way.

the hard thing for me is that trying to find someone here in australia that at least goes to mass…

alot of people here just like in the usa live together and are not husband and wife but they call themselves partners.


I think I’ve been called “fanatical” in three categories:

  1. many Christians I know aren’t Catholic, but all identify with each other. Because I won’t go to their lunchtime Bible-studies, but try to get to Mass instead, I’m over-the-top.

  2. by other Catholics who are lukewarm, but I don’t think that I am “holier than thou” by any means

  3. by agnostic/athiest friends who don’t understand my fascination with apologetics and theology


I’ve been called a zealot which is pretty much the same thing. My sister in law at a family discussion during the election last year. I do daily mass, rosary ect but her comments had to have been in response to my pro-life views.


I don’t consider myself a fanatic, but I suppose some might consider me as such. I consider myself a devout Catholic. I follow Church teaching ‘religiously’. I don’t smoke or drink. I go to mass even while on vacations, some consider that extreme. I consider that normal. I love visiting other parishes while out of town. I consider it the highlight of some of my trips. My favorite mass was in Tobago.


I haven’t been called ‘fanatical’, but I have been called an ‘extremist’, of which I am very proud. :stuck_out_tongue: If there’s anything I’d like to be extreme about, it’s Christ and His Church.

I’ve also been called ‘arrogant’ for believing all of the Church’s teachings on sin. :shrug: That one’s not so pleasant to hear.


we CAtholics just have a differnet idea of “fun” :smiley:

we find it “fun” to be close to Jesus (rosary, Blessed Sacrament…)

they don’t know what thye are missing… :frowning:


yeah but i was actaully instrumental (i feel) in changing someone’s mind about who to vote for…

a lot of good it did anyone… but oh well… can’t say we didn’t try…

hopefully God will give me an A for effort and an F for success… :smiley:

seriously, htough, if i had known the possible outcome… i would have worked much harder on getting McCain eletected… would have made it priority NUMBER One…

but don’t you think BHO may be doing something right for a change :smiley: in nominating Sotomayer??? :hmmm::coffeeread:


better arrogant than ignorant… :smiley:

but oh well… people who know they’ve lost the battle always resort to name-calling… :rolleyes:


what’s EF???

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