Allah is Above what you think and imagine

This is the first topic I write here, so I like to begin with the most beautiful word in the world, that is:

(La ilah illaa Allah)

This is the secret of the existence.

for this word we are created, and for this word there are Heaven and Hell, and according to this word you will be judged,
so if you satisfy this word you will go to Paradise, but if you refuse this truth you will go to Hell.
For this greatest truth God glory be to Him send the prophets peace be upon them.

Part of the people says that there is no God
And part of the people says that there are many gods
And we say that: there is only One God, no gods beside Him.

so, Quickly come to The Most Generous One
So that you will be forgiven

Ask Him as much as you can
He is The Rich and owns The Heaven

The good things is in His Holy Hands
Ask Him more and see what happen

You can never hold in a glass
The whole sea, How can that fit in?

and because of the Greatness of God
He is above what you think and imagine

There is no comparable unto Him
The Most High, The All Rich, Oft forgiving

The King, The Holy, The Mighty as well
you usually loose, but He always wins

The Gracious, The Peace, The All Powerful
The Wise, The light of Earth and Heavens

The Guider, The Judge, The Truth and The Just
His word pushes the dead to listen

The Noble, The Lord, The Glorious and The Firm
The first, The Last, The Evident and The Hidden

The Giver of life, The taker of life
Every thing dies, but He The Living

The nature does not create, but God
He said Be so see what happened

Jesus peace be upon him was
This is a sign for men and Jinn

Also the fire was cold, and peace
When Abraham, was thrown therein

Will as you wish, if God hadn’t willed
the only thing you can do is nothing

Allah is The Ever Lasting Refuge
without my Lord everything is nothing

Blessed be the Owner of Majesty and Nobility
Allah The Supreme, The Creator, The Knowing

The Praise worthy One, none as His likeness
He is the One, The Hearer, The Seeing

And since He is The Most Generous One
It is one of three conditions

Either to give you what you ask
Or prevent a harm from touching you
Or to give you more in Heaven

Finally, I would like to thank all the prophets who invites us to God and His grace especially our prophet:

Mohammad is gentle, Mohammad is light
Mohammad the prophet was very polite

Mohammad was telling only truth
Mohammad was honest, Mohammad is right

Peace be upon you dear Mohammad
During the day, and during the night

Best wishes for all of you dear brothers/sisters here.

a slave of Allah

I think he is God and I imagine he is inconceivable. :smiley:

** In the name of Allah , the Most Gracious , Ever Merciful **

Allah made us great enough to understand that He is God.

We have to have the ability to understand so that we can understand that we cannot understand.:smiley:

Wa alykum assalam

thank you very much dear sister.

I’d like to thank you for your post. I believe that your Allah and my God are one in the same. We human beings in our finite understanding and different languages and cultures, have only given them a different name. Your post is beautiful and reflects your beliefs which parallel that of many Christians and Hebrews throughout the world. It is time we recognize that Allah, God means for us to understand one another and live in peace, respecting our cultural differences and rejoicing in the truth that He has revealed to us all. May peace, spiritual fulfillment and love be yours. I believe you have, in you posting of this message, reached out with the love of Allah. Thank you for helping those not of your faith, to understand what you believe.:slight_smile:

The god of the muslims “allah” does not exist. There is only one God, the God of the Christians

And I fear not to call to him “Father” as he is my Father. And I fear not to approach him, for He has called to me. And I do not worry, for his SON Jesus is at my side. And I have no worries, for the Holy Spirit is always with me to comfort and guide me. And, through it all, in this world of sorrow, I am not scared like a slave, I am bold, for I am a son of the LIVING TRIUNE GOD.

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I believe that your Allah and my God are one in the same.

**They aren’t.

Read this:**

This is the first topic I write here, so I like to begin with the most beautiful word in the world, that is:

(La ilah illaa Allah)

This may be a translation issue but isn’t that 4 words?

Yeah it’s a translation issue. For some people ‘word’ can mean ‘phrase’ also, or ‘dialogue.’ It can also mean a promise, or speech in general, right?

Who is this person that you so boldly quote? I don’t know him. His argument is based on interpretations made by men…not the word of God. I agree with the Pope, whose quote he is contesting. You may be surprised on the day of reconciliation. Those who love and worship our Supreme One will stand in adoration while you may stand with a question mark on your face wondering what you missed.

Open you ears and your heart to the voice He speaks to you from within. Understand His love of diversity…for He created diversity…he created the many populations that walk this planet. His voice is strong. ONE GOD…adore only Him… You cannot believe in ONE God if you believe that other religions who also believe in one God…have a different God. That is illogical.

I don’t mean to anger you. That is not my purpose. Think on these things and hear the truth. God will speak to you if you listen carefully. Don’t rely on the written words of false prophets or interpreters. Look into your heart. Love one another is His message.

My God is a jealous God. His love is unlimited.

Welcome “a slave of God” to CAF, :slight_smile:

[LEFT]Yes, even Christianity has one GOD called YHWH Who Has a Word called Jesus and a Spirit called Holy Spirit.

Mohammad is gentle, Mohammad is light
Mohammad the prophet was very polite

Mohammad was telling only truth
Mohammad was honest, Mohammad is right

[LEFT]Well, you might want to add the word “Sometimes” to that, because the only Person who has such characteristics and even more than that is Jesus.


You need to remember that Mahomet (Muhammed) originally wanted to be known as a prophet of Judaism until he went to Jerusalem and was rejected. This was the point where he changed the prayers to be directed toward mecca instead oh Jerusalem. At this point Islam began to change from a prophetical branch of Judaism to a conglomeration of Arabian paganism and their rituals (walking around the Kabba, throwing stones at the devil, etc.)

So while Allah may have been originally the same as YHWH, Muhammed changed it to something fictional.

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Thank you for sharing your belief with us in such beuatiful words. Your god, Allah, has some of the attributes of our God, Yahweh. I am not sure whether they are one and the same but the way you describe your Allah does sound what a God should be and it’s encouraging to hear.

Christian God, though possesses the attributes you mentioned, however, calls His people friends and sons.

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command. 15I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, …
John 15:13-15

We are no longer servants but friends of God.

For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba, Father."
Romans 8:15

We are no longer slaves but sons and daugthers of God, and we are bold enough to call him Abba, or Papa, Father.

May God bless you.

thank you very much dear Hyacinth,

May Allah guide you to His Paradise where you will see a block from gold and the other from silver making a huge house designed by The Innovative The Merciful for His slaves as the prophet ,prayer and peace be upon him, promised us.

  1. And Allâh calls to the home of peace and guides whom He wills to a Straight Path.

one of the favourate of God upon huminity is the self degradation of bacteria, vangi, viruses and your post.

Allah doesn’t exist in your mind because He is Above what you think and imagine.

Unless He provide you with Glory, you cannot find Him.

The God of Muslims, Christians and Jews is One, but there are some who deny Him for a purpose that is known.

a slave of Allah

I don’t think Hyacinth or any other Catholic wants blocks of gold & silver in paradise.:wink:

The Christian Paradise is completely different than the Islamic one. :slight_smile:

Like I said, I am not too sure about this. A Muslim can claim that Allah is Christians’ God but there are other chracteristics of Allah that are not mentioned in your beautiful description of him that could not be accepted by them (Christians). So I am not sure whether Allah is truly Yahweh. Besides, Yahweh is never mentioned as one of the many names of Allah. But it’s nice to hear your description of him. Maybe we should let it rest there. Don’t wanna go into the controversy, do we? :wink:

** In the name of Allah , the Most Gracious , Ever Merciful **

Never heard of that hadith . Do u have the link for it ?

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