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The Holy Father may end up being (no surprise) the lone voice of reason in Europe:


I sometimes wonder whether the people who write these articles know pretty much anything at all about how Europe works :confused:

Britain, for example, has been surviving well for over 900 years. We’re not suddenly going to give up and do something the vast vast majority of people here don’t want.


  1. I don’t think those frightmongers know much about Europe. Most are Europe-haters, anyway.

  2. Of course, Europe will go on as always, but extreme right-wing U.S. websites like Front Page, World Net Daily and similar others would want us to believe that even now unwashed fanatical Moslem hordes are boarding dhows and will be headed for the West, scimitars in hand. A lot of this garbage is promoted by extremely “conservative Christians” who welcome Armegeddon as part of their eschatology.


Europe is dying! Although I don’t think Christianity will die out, Europe’s population is shrinking. I think our western society needs to wake up.


Agreed, with both points. You’d think people would have more sense than to listen to such irresponsible scaremongering.



And just what do people plan on doing when the Islamic population in Europe outnumbers the Christians?

They will then have the majority in politics. They can elect an Islamic PM, Parliament ect.

Im sure Conservatives all across the West will call for an invasion of Europe to “restore” Democracy (AKA Christian majorities).

And since when are people called to procreate for the “political good”. If European people don’t want to procreate, NO ONE can force them to.

Is the Pope of the time suddenly going to issue an edit that European Catholics must have more children?

If Muslims end up outnumbering Christians in Europe, it is none of the US’s concern. If Muslims elect Islamic governments, again, it is none of our business. If Christians in Europe stop procreating completely, it is no ones business but their own. People are free to choose whether to procreate or not, or to immigrate as required by governmental laws.


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