Alleged phone thief calls 911 because victim won’t leave her alone


A suspect accused of stealing a cell phone called 911 to report her alleged victim for harassment, according to a report from Komo News Tuesday. Police responded to the call when the suspect said the victim was “following her and refusing to leave her alone.”

The Seattle Police Department relayed the suspect’s story: she was sitting on the bus with her boyfriend near a sleeping 21-year-old man who suddenly woke up and accused the couple of taking his phone. According to the alleged victim, he was listening to music on his phone with his eyes closed when the music suddenly stopped. When he looked up, he alleged, the suspect and her boyfriend were holding his phone.

Sometimes, I just think people do stupid things just for our entertainment.


I think your correct. But how dumb are you, when you call 911 because your victim is pestering you? After all, it was not their phone. Having been the victim of a couple of crimes I do know I would have loved to catch the perpetrator and give em what for. Though these days it is just safer to leave them run. Why get shot or something like that?


I think this is very funny, the epitome of counterproductive behavior.
The only reason I can think of for her to call 911 is that she was on drugs.


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