Alleged Russian Hackers Are Among FBI's Most Wanted


One is a 33-year-old Russian national who allegedly usually sports a shaved head and enjoys boating in the Black Sea. The other is a 29-year-old from Latvia alleged to have as many as 10 online aliases and to sometimes dye his brown hair red or blond.

The two men are notorious hackers on the FBI’s most-wanted list who were singled out this week by the U.S. Treasury Department.

A senior administration official said both men are “notorious cybercriminals who have been responsible for … havoc in the international financial system, including against American companies.”

Evgeniy Bogachev and Aleksey Belan are not being connected to alleged Russian efforts to interfere with U.S. election processes, although sanctions against them were announced at the same time as sanctions against Russian individuals and entities allegedly involved in efforts to interfere with U.S. election-related institutions.


O really?
In what treaty did USA promise it will not spy on its allies, not to speak of former enemies…
Everybody does it.
It is Obama administration fault it did not protect its networks, and by the way Clinton used that email server, nobody gave a s…
Interference in the election? No way, there were two different things one to get the info, and is not clear who did it, and second to make it public which was welcomed by most Americans,. Democrats would have better come with a honest candidate if possible…They did not pretend it was fake because were scared of how much more might be revealed.

It is Obama last try to take down Trump, by starting a war with Russia and accusing him of treason…These guys are not living with the legs on the earth…Or they are totally desperate.
Nobody is buying it, I think CIA is working to make up something but now the military will keep an eye on them, not like happened under Bush…
These election showed how people change under atheistic ideology, it’s a pity.


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