Alleged Secrets of La Salette

I have read various articles online which suggest that the child visionaries Maximin and Melanie involved in the “La Salette” apparitions wrote down alleged “secrets” that were delivered to Pope Pius XI in 1851 and kept in the Vatican archives.

The articles in question state that scholars by the name of Corteville and Laurentin discovered the “original” texts of these secrets and published in 2002.

Is this true?

I had been under the impression that the La Salette “secrets” were fabrications not considered to be part of the “public” messages of the seers that are approved by the Church.

Could you tell me if the Vatican archives do contain these secrets, if they they have been published and also if they are part of the “approved” apparition of La Salette?

A secret was given to each Melanie and Maximin they never made their individual secret known to each other. The secrets were sent by them in 1851 to Pius IX.

Maximin’s secret was never claimed to have been published (until recently).
Melanie’s secret was supposedly published in 1879. However, it was greatly controversial and hotly debated whether the secret was the same as the original given to Pius XI. Given that many of the defenders of the 1879 account were censured by their local Bishops and Rome did not intervene it is generally considered that the 1879 account is not accurate.

The so-called discovery of the original secrets in the Vatican Archives has not, to my knowledge, ever been authenticated by any Vatican official and therefore should be treated with some skepticism.

Secondly, any secret revealed to Melanie and Maximin were private revelations given to them as individuals and not necessarily messages to the world. This would appear to be even more so given that no Pope has ever seen it appropriate to publish them.

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