Alleluia! Dh starts work June 4


I just wanted to share with those who have prayed with us about my dh’s employment. He starts a long-term contract-to-hire job Monday, June 4. Thanks be to God! :heaven: And thanks to all who prayed with us. :love:


Praise to St. Joseph!


That’s wonderful news… congratulations!


Hey How cool is that. Great news.


How wonderful! Congratulations! May his new job be perfect for him!


Wonderful news. May it bring you and your family peace and security for many years to come. Amen.


Thanks, everyone! :heart:


Oh Thank the Lord!!! Congrats to him!!! And you too!!!


Good luck and prayers to your DH today. :gopray2: :gopray2:



Della, that’s great news.


Very happy for your family!:slight_smile:


Well today is the day!!! I hope you give your man a big kiss and wish him a wonderful day at work. Let us know how it goes!!!


Yes! I will pray for his 1st day to go very well :slight_smile:


I sure did! :thumbsup:

My dh is a hard worker, loyal, and the type that anticipates problems. But, he’s a quiet, unassuming person and so tends to be overlooked by flashier types with glib tongues. So, I am praying the people at his new job will appreciate him and his skills, and so give him the opportunity to shine instead of letting others with more panache but less ability overshadow him.

Thank you for all your prayers and kind words, everyone. We deeply appreciate them and you! :yup:


So, how did the first day go???


Thanks for asking. :slight_smile: It went quite well. He’s being trained in their computer systems all this week with more training out of town for 2 weeks following that. So far, it’s going just fine, thanks be to God! :thumbsup:


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