Alliance of the Two Hearts

Does anyone know anything about the Alliance of the Two Hearts? In particular - where is their headquarters, who is their superior and is their constitution online?

I have heard the spiritual director, Fr Bing, speak a couple of times and he sounded quite orthodox but today I heard some very disturbing things about the female side of the order. A family in my parish is attempting to get their daughter to come home from the Phillipines for medical treatment but the order is putting obstacles in the way. The family have submitted to the order all of her medical test results but have been stonewalled. The young woman has been told that she must be a victim soul and bear with her condition.
They are so desperate that they are thinking of going public with this and another Catholic scandal is something the Church doesn’t need.

Can anyone help with the info above?

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Sorry, I don’t have any contact information but I think it is headquartered in the Philippines. I know, pretty vague.

This surprises me, mostly because of the fact that I know people who had to leave one of their orders or could not enter because of health concerns. From my experience and knowledge of the Alliance, they seem to be prudent in not wishing to cause scandal.

I’m curious to know, so if you don’t mind me asking if you know, what sort of condition does she have?

Sorry that I wasn’t that informative, I’ll be praying that everything will be alright. God Bless!

If she decided to enter the religious order it means she no longer belongs to her family.

Causing a scandal? This sounds a blackmail to me. The girl has to choose between the community or the family but the issue of scandal is out of the question.

I would advise the family to leave the matter in the hands of God. If every parent would go and take their kids out of the seminaries or r/orders, we wouldn’t have any priest or nuns.

Unless the facts aren’t clear, This is not a time to blackmail the church. If they want to go public lets them do that. Please forgive me but with the a fore given facts, am left wondering.


God Bless,

I feel this group is not safe to be affiliated with. This priest Fr. Bing or Fr. Edgardo Arellano has no background to be found anywhere on line. What is he hiding, where was he trained or educated? What order was he in when he first became a priest? Someone heard he was a Salesian but left the order (Or could have been asked to leave), and started this Alliance of Two Hearts in 1994, it is not a fully approved order by Rome yet, just a Public Association. He does not follow rules of the Catholic Church regarding Exorcism. What is wrong with Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary the way it was brought forward by St Margaret Mary? why does he have to change it to “Alliance of Two Hearts” and start collecting money under that name? Also he has infiltrated our area here and has all these super young people joining this order that seem too young to already have all their vows. They are forced to fast many days and almost seem like they are Hypnotized or something. It is very unnatural, when all other religious orders in the world are seeking vocations and he has these young people joining from Phillipines and other locations like crazy, similar to a Rev. Moon organization. Then he sends them out to locations with no money or homes to beg off of the communities and churches. We have a monastery here he has purchased and he is shipping many of these young people here they seem too young to be Priests. Yet many fall for his preaching and strange homilies which speak of a lot of fear toward future prophesies, victim souls, etc. he is a manipulator. I fear many will be taken down the wrong path, also I notice an Association of his group with many followers of Luisa Piccarreta Kingdom of Divine Will…which is a very dangerous unapproved following of almost a new religion this woman promotes with her books. I have seen the personality changes of people who become involved with her writings and it seems the same way with this Bing priest! BE VERY CAREFUL…STAY WITH THE BEAUTIFUL BASICS OF OUR FAITH AND CHURCH…Follow only Jesus and Mary!

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Believe it or not, he was (or maybe still is?) on “One In Their Hearts: Sacrifice for Reparation” show on EWTN. Some of his talks are still featured on EWTN as well: If he was a heretic or something, I think with as orthodox as EWTN is, he wouldn’t have been featured on a weekly program on EWTN and/or still have downloadable talks on their site.

Not enough info for me to really say too much, but I will say that I think it’s up to the young woman (and/or her Superiors) to decide whether or not to receive medical treatment for whatever medical issue that she has. The family can’t decide this for her. Also, who knows, maybe this young woman had a vision from our Lord asking her if she would be willing to suffer for Him?

Yes, EWTN has been infiltrated by some bad groups of new doctrine in the past few years since Mother Angelica’s stroke, she is not there to discern like in the past and often they get UNAPPROVED new groups who sell their goods to non-discerning people in charge there. Remember Jesus warned us of False Prophets…we must be vigilant! This group should be watched very close, he is growing by leaps and bounds. There s some sort of Hypnotic recruiting going on and they ship them off to all different areas, these young people posing as priests and nuns with no full vows or teaching too young to have received proper Religious and Doctrinal education. Then they make them fast and do Victim Soul type of suffering. While he is pulling in all kinds of money and donations. I am warning all Priests to not fall for all these new orders that have no Vatican Approval just called PUBLIC ASSOCIATIONS. They even form third orders offshoots. Should they not first be a fully Accepted and Formed with a Order Constitution and Vatican Approval before they can start forming all these other offshoots. Also they have several different Order names for the nuns, but when you ask them who is their Superior they have no answer. well who do they answer to, where are their Mother houses and who keeps track of their vows and ordinations?

New communities begin as their own ‘third orders.’ Nobody gets Vatican approval unless they’ve moved through the diocesan course for approval first.

Please be careful with comments. They can be on the brink of defamation of character.


The Bible warns us of false prophets and false Teachers in so many verses. Be aware of what some of these so called orders are doing and question everything. Stick with the basics, Scripture, Confession, Mass & Receive the Holy Eucharist, Rosary, Divine Mercy, Fasting and Penance. Do not fall for New Age Type preaching which waters down the faith and confuses the Average Catholic. They often will drop the Names of Saints, and well known and beloved like St Pope John Paul II saying that they approved of their forms of teaching, but have no documents t prove it. Just do not be gullible.

If these Third Orders are legitimate than why don’t they pursue the Proper Vatican Approval like all the good old fashioned orders have in the past. Patience is a Virtue, also why don’t they enter these orders that are tried and True for years now with very great History’s of the Saints that formed them. Why because they can’t travel and make money with their Charismatic personalities, drawing unsuspecting Catholics into their little deceiving games. Wise up and be vigilant !

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