Almost afraid to ask


… but does anyone know the requirements for being a foster parent?

I don’t even know why I’m thinking about it, exactly. Waaay too old to adopt.


Sailor - the rules are going to depend on where you live. Each State in the US and Province/Territory in Canada and country every where else has it’s own laws and requirements.

I suggest you call your local social services to find out. They might even have something like an inquiry class to get to know what they expect of their Foster Parents and how to get started.

Brenda V.


You’re never too old to be a foster parent or to adopt. Maybe the Holy Spirit is talking to you these days about this?:slight_smile: I’m not sure of the requirements, but I think that you get financial help from the government, if I’m not mistaken? Sorry I can’t be of more help, but just wanted to drop my few cents worth in, that I think the Holy Spirit is at work here.:slight_smile:


I do, too. That’s what scares me. :eek:


Moses, Noah…they all were scared–hey, you’re not being asked to build an ARK right?:stuck_out_tongue: Each day–just keep listening, and God will take you through…what’s that saying? If God leads you to it, He’ll bring you through it. God bless you for listening to the HS’s voice…it’s sometimes very soft, we have to be good listeners.:yup: :hug1:


I bet Abraham and Sarah were terrified (and overjoyed at the same time) of becoming parents at their age. I’m glad they trusted (and am working on trusting like that). :slight_smile:


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