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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The month of October is almost over, and I’m wondering if many here at CCF have been praying the Rosary or at least part of the Rosary during this month. I wonder if, by God’s Grace, anyone has experienced a deeper love for Jesus and Mary this month, especially by means of praying this prayer?

I’d be grateful for any comments. Thanks.

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I have been praying the rosary this month the same as always, but the answer is “no”, I don’t feel any closer to the divinity. However, I feel that I am doing other people some good by my prayers and keeping myself from falling down worse than ever. God bless you.

I have been (missed a few days at the beginning of the month) and it is helping me through a difficult transition.

I’m glad to have joined the Rosary Confraternity a year or two ago. This month I’ve been tempted to stop praying the Rosary, and the pledge of a full Rosary a week has kept me from doing that. Lately, I’d compare the beads to a life preserver, and have continued praying it daily despite all these thoughts of giving it up. It’s been needed that much. Being a family caregiver is very challenging at times.

Our goal is to pray the rosary every day… didn’t make that goal! But what I did pray was greatly illuminated by some spritual reading I did :slight_smile:

I’ve not missed a daily Rosary in a couple of years. Mary has delivered me closer to Jesus. My prayer life has grown. When I reflect on my daily blessings, I smile and say, "Thank You Mary!"! I now go through Mary, to and through Jesus, to God The Almighty Father!, with the Holy Spirit working in me.



Dear Georgiana, and all those who responded to this thread,

Thanks so much. “Feeling” closer is not what I meant, so forgive me for not expressing my question better. The “experience of a deeper love for Jesus and Mary” was the phrase I used, and what I meant by a deeper love is more in line with St. Therese of Lisieux 's definition of love as a “willingness to suffer”.

When we pray the Rosary, we are invited to ponder the Mysteries of God’s Love, revealed in the lives of Jesus and Mary. We ponder those mysteries in order that we may learn to know, love and serve God as we see Jesus and Mary doing (and to a lesser degree but somewhat in the Joyful Mysteries dear St. Joseph also).

Now it is also true that when we offer our Rosary for specific intentions, or even if we do not, as members of the Body of Christ, when one of us grows in holiness we all grow. Every sincere prayer is a blessing to the whole world. Definitely, I agree with you that we gain grace to overcome temptations so that we do not fail in virtue as often.

Many years ago it dawned on me how powerful are the words: “…Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for us sinners…” Mary and others were praying for me even when I was not praying. What a wonderful Mother we have who is always interceding with Her Son before our Eternal Father! Please let us all continue to pray the Rosary. Thanks again.

Sorry for a late reply! I’ve been praying it all month and (coincidentally :confused:) I joined the Rosary Confraternity and became a Knight of Columbus. I’ve also started preparing for the Total Consecration to Mary starting on Nov. 9- so I can finish on Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Feast Day!

So yeah, I guess I did become a lot closer to Mary and Jesus this month!!!

Dear omegapd,

Thanks for your reply, and all the good news about God’s work in your soul! :slight_smile: I am especially delighted to read that you are preparing to consecrate yourself to Jesus through Mary using De Montfort’s method. Total Consecration can be a “life-changer”. I am so grateful to belong to Jesus and Mary in this very special way. I will be renewing my Consecration on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. May all God’s children continue to be blessed through Mary and be a blessing for the world.

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