Almost there

I finally have a date set for my first Holy Communion and confirmation into the Catholic Church which is a great joy to share with this forum. CAF has proven to be a hugely impressive and very helpful source for me and I wish to thank all members who have contributed to previous threads of mine.

Every day my knowledge of the Catholic church and the Gospel is increasing and despite a few nerves at the beginning of the year I finally feel like I will settle down into the church very well.

Tonight’s RCIA was centred around the sacraments and the “Our Father” and thanks be to God I was able to contribute.

The 22nd of February I will attend a service 60 miles up the road in Scotland and be formally welcomed into the Church before taking my first communion in April.

60 miles! :eek: Do you live in somewhere in England? Wherever you live, that is a looong way! I wonder if there are highway tolls along the way! What made you interested in Catholicism in the first place? Since you probably live in England, have you ever explored the Anglican church? I’m sure there is an Anglican church in every village of England. :stuck_out_tongue:

yay!! congratulations and God bless you

Welcome Home. I am praying for you.

Welcome home. God bless you on your RCIA journey. I’ll be praying for you.

To travel 60 miles is nothing when you get to visit the supreme being of the universe :thumbsup:

No I’m in the great country that is Scotland :smiley: there is a Presbyterian church across from me and I am converting. 60 miles isn’t that bad I’m 90 miles away from Glasgow.

I think it’d be easier to convert to the national, established church for convenience. However, that may depend on whether the church would accept you and your potentially heretical theology.

Despite the previous poster things are going well, I look forward to the 22nd.

So happy that your heart and soul’s desire will soon be a reality. Keep up the good work. Praying for you.

Thank you very much. You know once upon a time I was an Atheist. I went about life thinking that there was no ultimate consequences for my actions. I was selfish, cocky and someone who wasn’t approachable in the slightest.

My friends were predominately Catholic and one Sunday I decided to go to Mass with them. For that hour, it felt like God was looking right at me, I felt like I had wasted so many years of my life turned away from God.

As soon as I got home I began reading about the Catholic faith: the sacraments, the Bible and the difference between Catholicism and other religions.

The fact that I am being welcomed into the church fills me with nothing but happiness. I wish to give myself to God, and with his support I believe I can make a difference and live my life not for myself but for him, for others, for those less fortunate than myself.

God Bless everyone who has been kind to me on this forum, you have all been a great help.

You have a very quaint view of England in many respects. Over 10 percent of people in Britain are Catholic, admittedly many are nominrally so but that is also true for Anglicans there. Many villages do have an Anglican Church, quite a few also have Catholic one or Merhodist Chapel etc. etc.

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