This is somewhat along the same lines as my earlier penance queston. I have a number of health problems so I am not able to get out and around as much as I’d like, and also there are days when I just don’t feel awfully well but can still function. When choosing an act to do for allmsgiving should I choose something that would make me go out even when I was not feeling tip top and then offer that suffering to the Lord? Or is it OK to just do other things that I can do at home. For instance, I knit and crochet and afghans and slippers for wounded military members, and I do other charity knitting and crochet and I make greeting cards for various charities to sell for fundraising, among other things. I can do these activities even when I am sick or my back is bothering me or some other problems is active. By doing this latter am I taking the easy way out? Both ways help others. I enjoy doing the crafting and have a talent for it so I’m using skills and abilities the Lord gave me. Am I rationalizing here? The responses on penance gave me some new perspectives that were most helpful and settled that issue for me. Hopefully some of you can help me with this.

Bonnie, I don’t think you’re rationalizing. God doesn’t want us to be miserable. I think you’re fine making afghans for troops and everything. That’s a very nice, productive use of your talents and it’s a very nice service. I mean, we shouldn’t be masochists–if you don’t feel well enough going out or if you think you’ll be uncomfortable, you can do other things, and you’ve found a good way of doing other things.

I think it is very important that you take care of your health too.:slight_smile:


God said whatever you do to one of these the least of my Bretheren you do unto me.

God will bless you because you are taking care of the Needy as best you can in your condition. He will remember that when you die.


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