Along the lines of the coffee & donuts but about parish meals


Do any of y’all do FREE parish meals where families can come and eat and fellowship? We’ve had some of those meals and there really weren’t that great of a turnout. Basically the same people going to them. Now if there was some kind of religious lesson along with this it might actually go over better. Just wondering if y’all do this meal thing.


Pot luck meals or sometimes coffee and donuts in the morning, ; i stopped going to those a long time ago because the fellowship in them were more clique based, people that felt entitled would make sure to be at the front of the line first or have the best tables, and the priest would be either hog tied talking to the same people or didnt take too much to find out who new people were.

It is nice for those in small communities who have a small group of friends to socialize with or are apart of a clique in said pairsh,


There’s one Irish historic church that does a free St Patrick’s Day breakfast after the Mass. It is awesome and the food is great and it’s so packed you can’t get a seat and they only do it once a year. Other than that I’m not aware of any “free parish meals” unless they’re meant for the homeless, or they’re some Lenten fast soup and bread and prayer thing.

I do hit all the great fish fries during Lent, and some of them are just amazingly good, but they are fundraisers and you pay (and worth every penny). They also tend to be jammed with both eat-in and take-out business. The better the food, the bigger the crowd.


I wish there were free meals. The Knights host a dinner every month but it’s $10 for adults. We just can’t afford that.

Granted, for most who “eat out” it’s incredibly reasonable. But I can feed my family full meals for 2 days on $20.


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