has anyone heard about the ALPHA movement in the CC

No but I have some Catholic friends in another parish who attended an Alpha program and found it helpful/enlightening.

All I’m going to say is do your research.–british-christianitys-biggest-success-story-8555160.html&ei=ELPYVaGtNYbo-QHK8LOoBA&usg=AFQjCNG38D9H4chziL3DFHtZW99g0w_pfA&sig2=LkhzhcnJyKqyvtkDqhYzVg

Seagal, pray to the Holy Spirit for real when you discuss matters of Faith with these friends.

Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the links. I did look at them and many others. I am not finding very many positive ones though. I sat through an 8 hour presentation on it. To me I saw some red flags. The first being that it was very Protestant in flavor or format. The worship part of it was the happy clappy stuff with projectors and bouncing ball Christian rock music that lasted forever. We were told that when you do a session we don’t pray before meals. No emphasis on Jesus in the Eucharist. A lot of laying on of hands in prayer groups by folks that are not ordained and talk of Holy Spirit, getting slain in the spirit, and talking in tongues . Seems to be a Charismatic Movement in disguise. Just my thoughts.

I was hoping that there were some here that had some experience with the ALPHA movement. I researching the internet as suggested I am not finding very many positives for this program. I am however finding that it is a charismatic movement in a larger way. Have I misinterpreted that?

So if anyone out there knows anything more than I do please let me know.

I have experience with that, back in the early 2000’s. Long story, short…keep away from this program. It was a fad import from Europe then.

Casilda, thanks for the info. this really raised some red flags with me within the first 10 minutes of the presentation. I think we are going to suggest to our Pastor the we look into what DR Scott Hahn has to offer.

St.Paul Center for Biblical Theology, linked from Scott Hahn’s website offers free multi-lesson audio Bible studies

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