Already Gone... Lk.16:8/Mt.10:16

a recent reliable Christian research/survey revealed that 2/3rds of Christian youths fell away from their Christian faith before starting college or employment. A reliable all Catholic research/survey showed 97% of Catholic school leavers walk away from the Church each year.Sadly and alas,it seems those with the best Christian background and education fell away in the greatest numbers.The cause has been pin pointed and the remedy suggested - anyone here care to suggest what could be the cause and a remedy or cure - twinc


Why are your posts so negative? Do you not see that many young people fall away and then return to the church as they mature and come to realize that Jesus is our Saviour. History should tell you that not only young people but deeply religious people and priest have left the church for various reasons.

In todays society it is hard for many young people to believe that suffering is part of life. They see the TV and think that is the way it is supposed to be, when all they have to do is look at Jesus up on the cross and all the suffering he did for us.

I believe it is hard economical and uncertain times like these that tend to ground some of the younger people and to bring them back to their faith.

Go with Gods Grace!

negative is it - somebody better be quick before too late with only 3% left - lets just close our eyes and it will go away or lets be more positive and stop bothering and just say an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be and everything will be alright - twinc

TWINC, how does this relate to the verses below. :shrug:

Luke 16:8
And the lord commended the unjust steward,
because he had done wisely:
for the children of this world are in their generation
wiser than the children of light.

Matthew 10:16
Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves:
be ye therefore wise as serpents,
and harmless as doves.

TWINC, this is a thread you started Nov. 9th entitled just “Already Gone” :eek: I thought I recognized it.
"a recent,reliable,Christian survey/research revealed that 2/3rds of Christian youths had given up and fallen away from the faith before starting employment or college,Even more startingly those who had the most and best christian input fell away in the greatest numbers.A recent Catholic survey/research disclosed that 97% of **Catholic school leavers **are walking away from the Church every year.Here we may well ask will our grandchildren still be Catholic. So let us seek out the cause and the remedy now rather than too late - to be continued - meanwhile any comments - twinc "

Either you forgot, or this is very important to you :shrug:

yes very important,hopefully to us all - I placed it in the wrong forum where it got no response when I had hoped it would be of major concern to parents and grandparents - twinc

wait for a conclusion as to the cause and the remedy,meanwhile I am hoping for some suggestions and conclusions,so keep them coming - our children as sheep are being sent out in the midst of wolves and being badly mauled as also being harmless as doves but not as wise as serpents and not being prepared as advised by our first Pope Peter in the first truly importanr encyclical at 1 Peter 3:15-16 - twinc

John,did you notice it said “to be continued” - so here it is - twinc


oh John btw note that were it says “children of this world” it actually means adults as well and so also with our children and adults - twinc

Since this thread is in Sacred Scripture, I would say the cause is John, Chapter 6.


These two websites contain TV ads about Catholicism. The first is from one of the Dioceses which is using them. The second is general information.


This sounds really stressing… what was the actual number of Catholics leaving the Faith?

Maran atha!


So you believe that 97% of Catholics leave the Faith… yearly? :banghead:

Maran atha!


The “survey” and “data” provided by this OP is just not reliable. The second number cited is totally illogical. What does 97% of “Catholic School Leavers” mean? Where? Who did the survey? It just doesn’t make sense.

There are several reliable reports that one can find that indicate that 68% of young Catholics remain in the Church into adulthood, not leave. Another study says that about 2/3 of Catholic young people do “break away” for a period of time but most of those come back, so that the net “loss” is really about 1/4. The first and last numbers seem to support each other, which would lead me to think they are generally reliable.

The other side of it is understanding that some of that “loss” is made up by those who convert to Catholicism. We can see that process occurring right here on these forums.

The final point is that the Catholic Church is not unique in this regard. Some reports indicate that losses of young people by some Protestant denominations is even higher.

This is not to belittle the issue of young people leaving their faith, but we shouldn’t exaggerate it out of proportion to reality. The important questions to ask (and try to answer) are: Why, and what can be done about it?

If you are truly concerned:

The cause is the one that has always existed: friendship with the world.

The remedy is the same one from the very begining:

*“Go, therefore, make disciples of all the nations; baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all the commands I gave you…” *(St. Matthew 28:19-20a)

The problem is that Catholics are shy, timid, and complaisant; we are also moved by the world: even before society adopted the “political correct” idiology, Catholics were looking to “fit” or be “accepted” (this particular malidy is suffered by both clerics/religious and laity).

…re-addressing your concern: till Catholics own up to Jesus’ Commandments the world will continue to seduce and entrap generations of Catholics and their children.

Maran atha!



…within the various reasons also lies the error of language and/or discord… the longest we continue to behave agressively and disrespectful the more we open the door to the world as we give our next generations of Catholics the liscence to do the same…

…though you may not have intended it, here’s what I got from the above posts:

Post #1 – Catholics rely on dead Prayers (a contradiction in itself); they should become more modern and forget all that repetious and superstitious bla bla bla…

Post #2 – Other than St. Peter’s “encyclical” all others are devoid of value.

hollowood has convinced the masses that spirituality is whatever they deem it to be and that humility and obedience to God’s Authority is lame and imbecilic… when Catholics are not living their Faith fully or when they quarrel against the Church or each other, we are paving the way to hell for our youth as we help the world gain a stronger hold on them.

I commend you for your concern for the Faith; but you must teach through example, not just by word!

Maran atha!


of course you got it all wrong and noticeable the main issue as cause for great concern just does not come across and the wake up call it seems to be answered by a lullaby - no one is suggesting that other than the encyclical all others are devoid of value, but only that it was the first - be prepared he says to give an answer.How can we give an answer if we have not been pre prepared - wait and see where and why - btw who is not living the faith or quarreling against the Church by proposing what our first Pope advised as the remedy to a serious problem still festering - twinc

In the parable of the farmer sowing the seed, Christ Himself indicated some would be lost - some would fall on bare ground - Satan would snatch away the seed as soon as it was sown; some in shallow soil, which had no root; some would start well but fall away with testing and the cares of this world, particularly marriage, employment, college, career etc… But some would persevere and reap a good crop.

Secondly we live in easy times in the West. In one sense, what’s the difference between a Christian and an atheist if both have similar roles in a beneficent society? Take a job - the atheist might do his or her job just as well as the Christian. So on the surface there’d be no difference, and in any case, what sort of witness does the Christian have if he’s got it easy, other than the fact he or she may not act or talk in certain ways?

I’ve got a book by a bloke called Brother Yun, who was severely treated for his faith in China. While he’s not Catholic, he made the point that in the West we don’t really need God, as we’ve got it so good. And he wasn’t impressed with the depth of Christian faith in a lot of cases. He could see through the extravagance of our “church building” programs.

Thirdly, a lot of kids in Catholic schools in particular, in my limited observation, don’t come from strongly Catholic backgrounds. Quite a number have parents just living together; many of the parents do not practice their religion strongly; there are a large number of single parents. I also think quite a number of parents send their kids to Catholic schools not because they are “religious”, but because they think their kids will get a better education, and not have the discipline problems faced by the state schools (although we’ve just had the example of one 13 year old student murdering a 12 year old student with a knife in a Catholic school in the north of Brisbane - rare, but it can happen anywhere).

I was packed off to Sunday School when I was a kid. But neither of my parents ever went to church of their own accord, except for funerals, weddings etc., so as soon as I could, I got out of it. They could hardly insist I keep going if they didn’t set any sort of example themselves. And I did not really become a Christian until I’d been through the worst four years of my life.

I don’t see the church growing in Australia unless there is a severe crisis of some sort. The strongest Christians are formed in times of persecution. While most people can get along nicely without God, they will.

well thank you for your contribution and whilst what you say is good and true it does not answer what the research/survey also revealed and is really disturbing “those with the most and best Christian input fell away in the greatest number”.Imho and as a result of the survey/research this seems to indicate that more of the same is the problem and not quite the answer - twinc

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