Alright Fine Then... Who is the best vocalist of all time?

Alrighty then it seems many of you might be having difficulty with my last poll so i’ll leave this one up to you

Who in your opinion is the best vocalist of all time?

Dean Martin. But I also do love the Andrews Sisters (yes I know, I was born during the wrong era).

Oh, and The Hollies. I was just recently introduced to their music and their harmonies are OUTSTANDING!!!

For me, it’s a toss-up between Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. The ease and smoothness of both these voices are incredible!

I like Frank Sinatra :thumbsup:

Barbra Streisand

Although I am a HUGE Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin fan, I will have to say Andrea Bocelli:) .

Bocelli? Yuk. Beniamino Gigli! Even on old 78s you can hear his sliver-toned voice.

Ella Fitzgerald. Hands down.

A moment of silence in memory of Beverly Sills. May she rest in peace.

What genre of music are we talking here? Because operatic music can usually beat most others as far as sheer singing power goes.

For pop music, I nominate Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues. With the others of the group or on his own, he was awesome (try “Question”, "Nights in White Satin, “Tuesday Afternoon”).

Hollies were good. Beatles were good. Greg Lake of ELP and King Crimson was good. Carpenters were good (yeah, I know they were sappy, but Karen had THE VOICE :D).

I think you have to differentiate between the different vocal genres.

A good bluegrass singer is very different than a good opera singer than a good rock singer than a good Gospel singer than a good Broadway singer, etc.

If you’re looking for someone who can do it all, Elvis Presley. I don’t think he ever did opera, but he did all kinds of other music and did it well.

Also Ethel Waters, who did everything from Broadway to Billy Graham. Sammie Davis Jr, too. Marian Anderson. Myrtle Hall.

In fact, a lot of black singers are extremely versatile. I wonder if perhaps they had to be, to get work during times when color discrimination was legal in the U.S.

Aretha Franklin–in her prime, she was amazing. Not as versatile, IMO, as some of the singers above, but still a great voice.

I personally think that Johnny Cash had one of the most unique voices in history. To my knowledge, he’s one of the few singers in both the Rock and the Country Music Halls of Fame.

Also Roy Orbison-what a great voice.

I like Patsy Cline, too, and her modern-day reincarnation, K.D. Lang. Their voices are like silk.

I love Renee Fleming and think that she is a great diva of the opera.

I like Taylor Hicks–great R and B voice. Lots of soul.

I LOVE TONY BENNETT! To me, his voice sounds like Rocky Road ice cream–sweet and cool! He’s better than ever.

Billie Holliday

Johnny Mathis

Tom Jones
Sammy Davis Jr
Dean Martin

Barbara Streisand
Whitney Houston
Diana Ross
Celine Dion
Cyndi Lauper


Neil Finn.

Josh Groban, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Adrea Boteceli (spelling?), Sarah Brighman.

Dean Martin has the best set of pipes in the history of music. bar none.

second place, and i’m surpised no one has mentioned him… Freddie Mercury from Queen. probably the greatest frontman for ANY band in the history of Rock. His voice was amazing.

third, (and a distant one) Jim Morrison.

Glenn Yarbrough what a voice.:harp:
I do agree with others comments that it depends on the type. Also for all times? I never heard him but understand Caruso was very good. I also loved Elvis.

Definately Paul McCartney, in his heyday with the Beatles.
He could make his voice sound like a different person in every song.

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