Altar Cloth pattern

I am a new Sacristan at my parish and I have been learning about altar cloths. We use a totally square white one as our top altar cloth. We need another one and I would like to make it. Where do I find a pattern to do so? And, where to I find the cloth? - 23k - 49k -

Also, search Ebay.:thumbsup:

The top white altar cloth, somtimes called the fair linen, should cover the entire top of the altar–the mensa.

Therefore, they are usually custom made for a given altar.

The weave should be a 3 in 1 herring bone twill. As for size, two cubits by eight cubits sounds good. Pure linen, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

In case no one gets the joke, WetCatechumen is describing the Shroud of Turin.

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