Altar of Repose vs. Eucharist Adoration

What is your parish doing after Holy Thursday Mass? One parish near us is having an Altar of Repose. The tabernacle is emptied and a separate altar with another tabernacle is place on the opposite side of the sanctuary. The Eucharist is placed in this other tabernacle and the door is closed. The Altar of Repose continues til midnight.

Another parish in the area will have Eucharistic Adoration (Eucharist in a monstrance) on Thursday evening. This will continue until 2:00 pm Good Friday.

Growing up we always had Eucharistic Adoration on Holy Thursday. I don’t understand this Altar of Repose although I assume it is to represent Christ being in the tomb.

What is your parish doing that evening?


My church is having an Altar of Repose, beginning as soon as the Holy Thursday Mass is over and remains until midnight and everyone is invited to stay with Him for one hour, some stay longer. Our Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration chapel closes at midnight also. The chapel cannot reopen until 12:00 AM, Easter Sunday morning.

the Holy Eucharist must be removed from the tabernacle and placed on an altar of repose, for a period of adoration that must end sometime before dawn on Good Friday. Here it is midnight. the blessed Sacrament may not be left alone during this time, so it should be scheduled to assure that this will not happen.

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