altar on TLM


I wonder if a priest want to celebrate TLM in a Post Vatican II church what will be the set up of the altar. will they use the common altar? Or they should build new altar?


The can use the existing altar if they are able to say Mass in front of it, not facing the people. In some churches this is possible- in others it is not. If not then you will have to bring a portable altar.

We went to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Diocese of Camden, NJ with the TLM on the Novus Ordo Altar and there was no prob. See photo below to see how we transformed it.



And well an altar stone would also need to be kept in handy.


They can do this:

Altar Transformation



I think ppl have posted that video to death, but I still love it!


Yes, most modern altars are not fitted with relics.
Sad, it is. :frowning:


I’m curious how the “Church in the round” layouts can be modified for a traditional Latin Mass… I’m sure we’ll be seeing pictures of it soon!


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