Altar Server for Two Consecutive Wedding Mases


I agreed to help in two Wedding Masses that occur on a Saturday before the evening (12 and 2pm). Of course, as an altar server, I will have to receive Holy Communion in both Masses.

To my understanding, one may receive Holy Communion twice a day in the context(?) of Mass.

Is this okay? What should I do? What if I get stuck in this situation? :confused:


Maybe I’m not understanding your question.

You’re serving two Masses on the same day. You’re allowed to receive Communion twice in one day as long as the second time is within a Mass. So…what’s the problem? :confused:

Also, I don’t believe you are required to receive at all, let alone at both Masses, even if you are serving. I often serve back-to-back Masses—Mass during the week immediately followed by a funeral Mass, for example—and receive only at one…or at neither, if I’m not properly disposed (i.e. I need to go to confession).


If the 2PM Mass is only your second Mass of the day, then you can receive. If it will be your third, simply tell the priest that you will not be receive communion during one of the Masses, or don’t receive at the regular Mass on Saturday and receive at the two Weddings.

As the previous poster mentioned, you don’t have to receive and should not receive more than twice.

God Bless


You’re not required to receive at all, even as an altar server.


What you describe is fine. There’s no problem.

As long as you’re otherwise eligible to be admitted to Holy Communion, you can receive at both Masses.

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