Altar Server Handbook for Byzantine Ruthenians?

Is there an altar server handbook for the Byzantine Ruthenian recension? One can see markedly different practices on small things – hand placement, how to hold censer, etc. from parish to parish and it would be nice to know which is “right” – if there is such a thing in some cases. Thanks.

In the Byzantine tradition (both Catholic and Orthodox), a lot of things are left to whatever the local custom is.

It’s never been into prescribing minutiae the way the Latin rite was at one time.

Yeah, that’s true – and too bad. I guess the best best would be to go video a DL at the Cathedral.

An excellent guide, intended for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic tradition but with some general helpful tips, can be found at the St. Elias site

Thanks. I ran into that last night – it’s very well done although I have no idea what it’s based upon.

I’m curious HOW what should servers do with their hands when they are no specifically doing someting? In my parish they usually cross their arms across their chests, hands fisted. The refererence you mention says they should be down by their sides and that they should specifically not be in a “praying hands” position in front of them – that’s only for Latin Rite Catholics apparently.

How about handling the censer? Does a server swing it while in procession?

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