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I am an altar server at my parish and we use the cassock and surplice while serving. I was thinking about buying my own- as I am tall and the church's don't fit well. Any recommendations on where to look to buy?


Abbey Brand via. TH Stempers.


First, you should speak with either the priest or the parish secretary. If the secretary is the person who makes those purchases, but has no idea that you are too tall for the robes, she does not know to order a larger size.

Second, they should all match… fabric type, any “details” on the robe, etc. This is another reason you should let the parish know they are in need of a proper size robe for you.

I suggest not making any purchase until you have spoken with the correct person at your parish. Some priest could get very upset if you appeared at Mass wearing something that was not exactly what everyone else was wearing. The parish may purchase the larger robe once they know it is needed.

Thank you for serving Mass and for caring enough to want to purchase a properly fitting robe.


Look at a cassock tag.

#5, is the company that many parishes buy their cassocks & surpluses from; they have them in child and adult sizes and styles. Autom has a large selection of religious supplies for both church & home.**

I have bought quite a bit of stuff from them, for myself and my parish.


Yes I know in the Anglican world that we are meant to approach the PCC, the parish church council for such purchases because then they can be bought together and all look the same. You not meant to have your own gown per se and when you leave the job you leave the gown behind, you don’t take it with you so if possible either just put up with that it a little bit too short for you. If it too short the secretary or whomever will notice anyway but your head server should deal with those kind of matters. It possibly could offend some if you go ahead and buy your own gown. It will look different from the rest because of being bought at a different time and cotton never looks the same. I looked at buying a new one because I er gave a very tiny burn mark on mine and I can see it big time :stuck_out_tongue: and thought just to buy my own but not worth it on seeing the price. It really isn’t worth it.

Have a word with Head Server or Secretary and make sure she has it in writing so it can be taken to the Church Council and discussed there. They mayn’t have enough spare money depending on how short it is for you etc.:thumbsup:


we wear a black cassock and a white surplice


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