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I study in a catholic school. We have an organization for serving in school masses and liturgies like Feast Day Mass, Grade Level Holy Hours and the like. We wear cassock and surplice or cassock and alb. The parish church within the school compound is where all of these liturgies happen (note although that it is not inside the campus itself, it isnext to it). During on Masses which is not attended by the students(for the people) the parish altar servers there wear a polo shirt with pants. I have heard that they will get their alb in months’ time.

So the question: What is the vesture most dignified for altar servers?


Female altar servers: alb

Male altar servers: either alb or cassock and surplice

Cassock and surplice is clerical garb, the choir vesture of a priest, which can also be worn by the male altar servers and instituted acolytes if a parish has them.


“Dignified” is a relative term. It can mean anything from the polo shirt, or a uniform, to the actual vestments, since the garb itself sets one apart from the congregation.

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