Altar server

Cause we have a small parish - i (like all the young guys) wanted to become altar server for more than a month ago, our priest blessed me to be a servant a couple of weeks ago.

Despite the many physical and mental mistakes, the most that disturbing me - it’s my condition after the error, i may be able to rid myself of bad thoughts away at the altar, but when it comes to serve - here begins my clumsy attempts: that out of time to call the bell, step on my alb - and all this is accompanied by a complete disappointment with myself and my mistakes.

if I set myself to be calm - maybe I’ll lose that spirit to be focused on God and the fact that the holy altar nearby me, so what to do?

It is not a mistake to step on your alb. They probably gave you one that is too long for you. God sees your great intentions.

Well im about to fall kinda when i step on my alb and no, that alb is not TOO long for me, its okay, its just me :slight_smile:

As a sacristan, I know the frustration of getting service wrong. :banghead: If serving the Lord requires perfection, however, then no one can do it because only the Lord Himself is perfect. Things don’t always go as planned. God understands that. Do you believe you are trying your best? If so, then your heart is in the right place.

I know it is easy to say “just try harder next time,” but that’s what I do so that’s my advice to you. Don’t dwell on what has already happened. The past can’t be changed, but we can resolve to do better in the future. :thumbsup:

So i shouldn’t calm down a bit? Just try one more time to be better?

Relax and realize that Jesus sees that you volunteered to serve at Mass and is pleased with you for doing this for Him–you certainly didn’t have to! You are freely doing something special at the Mass that honors Him! The longer you serve, the more comfortable you will become and the fewer “mistakes” you’ll make. I promise nobody is judging you–except you. So don’t be so hard on yourself! For one thing, the more you criticize yourself and worry about making a mistake–the more mistakes you will make! It’s like when someone tells you not to think about elephants no matter what–and suddenly all you can think of are elephants! LOL! If you relax, soon serving will be second nature to you!:thumbsup:

Yes. And (perhaps unknowingly) you’ve learned a valuable lesson: That trying to be better (at anything) is a process. Sometimes you’ll get things wrong, sometimes you’ll be ahead of everyone else. The important thing is not to become discourage and give up - sometimes the struggle is more important than the goal.

Thanks all guys, hope that tomorrow’ll be okay for serving and i’ll not judge myself for mistakes - that’s my problem, i realise it :o

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