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I am just wondering whare you can get a alb and a cincture for mass for mass and I am a lot broke so any help would do but I don’t want to use eBay so any other place would do I have been serving at my parish church for year and I am looking for a alb with lace even though my parish parishioners wash the vestments I feel like it’s unhealthy for me because I am in at my parish size for albs in size 15 it’s considered adult size I feel left out my new incoming deacon has his own and my seminary student until May has his own but he’s at 2 parish’s in Ohio

Can a altar server wear a stole at the mass during convert into Jesus Christ with the altar servers symbols and p+ symbols



No, a stole isn’t appropriate for an altar server.

I don’t understand your comment about being unhealthy. Do you mean the alb you use at the moment isn’t laundered enough? Simple solution - take it home and wash it yourself.
There will be a label on it to tell you the correct temperature of water.

One more point : if the norm in your parish is albs without lace, don’t go buying one with lace.

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Ok thanks for that compliment about stole it’s that I am having spring allergy and I am mostly sick all of the time so therefore I want my own and yes that’s the policy that I can’t have lace on my alb. But the deacon and seminary students have them in these so I think it would be ok if I got my own to have lace



No, it’s really not OK for your alb to be different from the other servers. If the deacon has something different it’s because he’s ordained and has a different role from you. Your job as a server is to blend in and essentially be invisible while you do your job. Wear what your pastor wants you to wear. You’re at Mass to serve, nut to stand out.



But we essentially are the priests and deacons right hand people so it would make sense to dress like them



No, there is a distinction between the ordained priesthood and the priesthood of all the faithful. The ordained ministers wear vestments proper to their office when they fulfill their liturgical functions. For laity to wear liturgical vestments proper to the priesthood or diaconate would be inappropriate, as it would blur that line, which is an important distinction to make. There are many members in the one body, as St. Paul says, and each member has its own function. So we are all called to offer sacrifices and prayers, but each in his own way–the priests and deacons according to the function to which they have been called, and the laity in accord with the way they have.

May I ask, since this is the second thread you’ve posted about wanting to wear special vestments over and above what an altar server generally should, is there a reason for this? Is there a reason you want to dress like a priest when you aren’t one?




I have heard that a cathedral altar servers wear stole and that is the one if we put the altar servers symbol on it it could be a display of our own in other terms role
But I have heard someone say that we can choose to wear a scapular front and back open vest style vestments

All I can say is I am truly just looking for a simple answer and I am using to get research project for my parish



Ask your priest what you should wear. Don’t go looking for different answers from “someone else.”

If your priest wants you to wear what the other altar servers are wearing (and he probably does) then that’s the answer. If you don’t want to do that, don’t be an altar server.

It’s good that you are so dedicated to serving but you really shouldn’t be worried about dressing like the priest. That’s not your role.



To lawyersguns and money I was just wondering because the vestments that I wear are alb and cincture and I think that thay are too hot because our church is at 80 degrees all time and I was wondering if anyone would give me the right suggestions to what vestments but these will have to stay the vestments at my parish



I was wondering the same thing myself Father



You know, back in December on the feast of the Immaculate Conception our assistant priest had on a beautiful vestment with a beautiful image of our blessed mother, and I totally admired it and loved it as did other people in my parish. But that does not mean that we went out and bought one for ourselves.



A stole is a strip of cloth worn either across the chest by a deacon or around the neck by a priest. The only people who wear that are ordained clergy, no exceptions.



Ask them to turn down the heat.



Maybe he is thinking of a collarette, a sort of (very) mini tabard and got it confused with a stole?



OP, you need to wear whatever the other altar servers wear at your church. It is not a fashion show. You serve a specific role, and you dress as the parish requires. It is not your place to decide to wear something else because you are hot, or cold, or envious.



Thank you for this post Father it was very informative.



Being it was at a Cathedral, it might also have been servers wearing vimpae to hold the bishops mitre and crosier.

… and the reason only ordained clergy wear the stole is it is a symbol of the authority entrusted to them.



I feel this must be said that until you have a better understanding of what an altar server is you may not be correctly disposed to be one. An altar server is there to serve. He is not there to make himself stand out or try to wear what ordained clergy wear. If you are an altar server you wear what your priest directs you to wear, nothing different. If you do not believe your alb is being laundered correctly take him home and do it yourself. I know my mother would have been very happy if someone laundered altar servers’ albs. When I was an altar server we all had our names shown into ours so we didn’t wear one that wasn’t ours and we all had to take them home for our mothers to wash.



Wear a plain white cotton t-shirt under the alb if the heat is bothering you.



Wait a minute you dont own you own vestments? Here we get our own, wash it ourselves, iron it ourselves, and bring it to church ourselves (we get to keep it).

BTW NO! An altar server cannot I repeat CANNOT and IS NOT allowed to wear a stole.


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