Altar training/more help

Hey everyone,

Now our first training went very well :slight_smile: but I feel a bit overwhelmed as the Father is now looking to me to make sure he “gets in line” following all the rules. I just assumed he would know all this stuff but he has forgotten some minor things I think.

Anyway besides contacting my diocese for help which I will, should I get a copy of the Rubrics and the GIRM…are they costly? Are they user friendly?

We will have our next training in two weeks :slight_smile:

Thanks for all who helped before, I used many of the things you sent me via email.

The 2002 GIRM can be accessed from the internet. At it has “You may feel free to download and reproduce these materials in any form which you find meets the needs of your diocese or parish, provided that the materials are not sold in any form. …”.

This is followed by a list of materials, including the GIRM, which leads to a page with a PDF version. This can be helpful in looking up particular words.

I do not find the GIRM user friendly.

Nor is it complete. Its instructions are supplemented by the rest of the Roman Missal as well as other books and instructions. These include the Ceremonial of Bishops, Lectionary for Mass, Directory for Masses with Children and the 2004 Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum.

Perhaps the priest will have copies of these other liturgical books and instructions.

I tried to combine these instructions into a clearer set of instructions called “Ministers in Masses” which is at .

Thank you John, this is very helpful. I did take a look at the GIRM and it does seem to cover what I’m looking for. It seems you have to take from different sources but I just wanted to make sure it was the right ones.

thanks again :slight_smile:

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