Alter Bible - does anyone have thoughts?


Does anyone have this and what are your thoughts? Good or useful acquisition for study? Granted it won’t have catholic perspective, but I wonder if it provides potentially much other useful perspective in the copious notes as well as translation.


If it ain’t Catholic, I’m not reading it. But that’s just me. Those study notes would be absolutely meaningless to me. Why don’t you grab yourself a Douay - Rheims Catholic Bible with Haydock Commentary instead?


Didache Bible is a very good one because it also has notes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church all throughout.


I have a Didache Nabre, Ignatius Study Bible RSVSCE, and NRSV w/Apo, and of course the Haydock DR and CCCD 1941 commentaries on digital. I want to know if anyone feels their scripture reading can be expanded by such a bible as the Alter (OT only).


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