Alter Server and the tabernacle


During mass today the priest asked me to go and get the cealiac hosts from the tabernacle today as he is an older man and gets the altar servers, including myself, for him. I should say that I am not an ordained minister in any form as well.

God bless and Thank You !!


P.S I should also say that the tabernacle was also already open and there was no deacon present.


Regardless of the technical correctness…others will need to address this…

  1. I’m sure that the priest is well aware of your status among the faithful so mentioning it would IMHO be inappropriate.
  2. Why should it cause you trouble to be obedient to one who is placed in charge over you?.

You say that the priest is an older man. Is he infirm in some way?

My suggestion would be to discuss this with him. Explain that you wish to be obedient to him and to the Church and you wonder about this apparent conflict.
Hopefully he will recognize your humility and the two of you can come to a good understanding of the matter.



At my parish, the Tabernacle is not on the Altar, so during the Mass an EMHC goes to bring the Ciborium containing the Blessed Sacrament to the priest on the Altar.


OP. Please ask your priest about this. If he is elderly he may have been conserving energy to get through distributing communion. If you dont want to do this, you need to let him know before Mass and be prepared to listen to his reasons why he asked. Obviously right in the middle of Mass is not the time to discuss the pros and cons.


This should be discussed with the Pastor.

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