Alternative living/working concepts


…Mainly out of curiosity, I don´t plan to sell all my stuff (…we don´t own much anyway) but I´m always a bit faszinated with people living willingly totally different than with average comfort and a minimum 9 to 5 job - in the woods, self dependent with agri culture somewhere, away from urban connections .Mostly I see that those people who get out of this routine have
a) the money to make it happen
b) work in a profession that makes them highly independent
c) live in countries where starting small businesses or living self-dependent is easyer with taxes/law
d) no major health issues that bind them on a well known social network.
Are there still people out there of you who say “I´ve done it”? How?
Lots of Little House on the Prairie romantizism here, I know :smiley: :smiley:


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