Alternative medcine gains acceptance

BALTIMORE (AP) - At one of the nation’s top trauma hospitals, a nurse circles a patient’s bed, humming and waving her arms as if shooing evil spirits. Another woman rubs a quartz bowl with a wand, making tunes that mix with the beeping monitors and hissing respirator keeping the man alive.

They are doing Reiki therapy, which claims to heal through invisible energy fields. The anesthesia chief, Dr. Richard Dutton, calls it “mystical mumbo jumbo.” Still, he’s a fan.

“It’s self-hypnosis” that can help patients relax, he said. “If you tell yourself you have less pain, you actually do have less pain.”

It does not bother me if a nurse waves her arms around like an idiot in front of a sick person, but I don’t believe that any tax funds should go to alt med. I think it is all a fraud. Things like chiropractic and homeopathy are pure pseudosciences. I don’t think hospitals should get involved in despensing alt meds. because it sends the message that these meds. have the backing of science and can help a person.

I really doubt that quartz has any healing power. Prayer would be a better supplement than any alt. med mentioned abovie to healing. They seem like a destraction from anything that CAN really help.

Since when was taxpayers dollars used to fund a hospital doing anything?

I agree that these kinds of medecine are really all in peoples heads. But I don’t think you need to worry about your money supporting it.

maybe you should do some independant research before heaving insults. yes it started out as quackery, but thats not the case now.

i am currentl in school to be a chiropractor. my school is accredited as a chiropractic school, and as a grad school. the board doing that is the same one that does university of baylor and utmb’s medical schools and we have the same level of accrediation.

now to be fair, i know people in the field that i think are beyond nuts, and i am ashamed to be associated with them.

that said, a chiropractic degree(acreddited so it does compare) takes over 1000 credit hours more than a M.D. i think that speaks volumes to the pseudoscience,

want some proof. do a check on the mayo clinic’s site or pubmed.

a rant i know, but i bust my hump to get educated and dont take kindly to ignorant rants lumping all CAM together.

I believe this is by the USCCB

“For a Catholic to believe in reiki therapy presents insoluble problems…a Catholic who puts his or her trust in reiki would be operating in the realm of superstition, the no-man’s-land that is neither faith nor science.”

You cannot accept reiki.

I think it is all a demonic inspired destraction from prayer. It’s just laughable to suggest that any of these things are of any use at all.

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