Alternative to necklace?


I didn’t have a habit of wearing necklace with cross/crucifix, but I tried when I was gifted one half a year ago. Unfortunately I think I developed some sort of dermatitis (maybe to do with my history of eczema?) so I don’t wear it anymore. I’m wondering if there are other things I can wear/keep in my life to help me remember that I have to act like a Christian.


So no necklaces at all or are there only some materials you have to avoid? You can get a scapular made of cloth if it won’t induce dermatitis. What if there’s a special one made of cloth that won’t give you dermatitis. :eek: I hope so.

Have you seen bracelets like these?

You can Google “Catholic bracelets.” to see similar images.

Also, maybe Googling “Catholic medal bracelet” might be a good idea; there are varieties of bracelets out there. Some have a single medal, some have multiple, etc.

This looks nice:

Although I personally have qualms with buying it from a store whose name includes “bling.” lol.

May I ask if you’re a male or female? That might help.

I hope this helps.

God bless!

I have a stainless steel rosary ring that I ordered off either Ebay or Amazon. I’m allergic to nickel, so most other materials give me a rash, but the stainless steel is totally fine. Other stainless steel jewelry would probably be equally hypoallergenic, just make sure it doesn’t have any alloys in it.

guy :slight_smile: has many vendors who with stamp any message or words you want on a very masculine leather bracelet, or steel one.
They’re pretty reasonably and really good looking.

This is also cool for a guy:

Another good option is to purchase a rosary with a strong case (or a durable cord and wooden bead one) to keep in your pocket next to your keys or phone, then anytime you reach for those items you bump into your rosary and it reminds you to pray! Etsy also has quite a few beautiful rosaries you can purchase in all price ranges!

Rosary or crucifix bracelet.
Chastity ring.
Religious pin.
Scapular pinned on inner shirt.
Keeping a rosary in pocket.

I hope some of these help!

As someone with the same allergy, I’d recomend you to get yourself a cloth scapular. Scapulars are a fantastic way to remind yourself of your devocion. I actualy make scapulars for sale, if you’re intrested.

Or, you can find a stainless steel cross pendant. Some jewelries can even duplicate the pendant that was given to you in stainless steel. Or silver.

…Just be glad that you didn’t found out about the allergy with earings, like my sister.

When I was working, I would put PHOTOS or PICTURES
of a religious nature( for e.g. Christ of the Divine Mercy) in
my back pocket and pull it out now and then on my break
to contemplate and remind myself to pray or intercede.

Thanks all! I should probably get a new case for the rosary lol the current one is quite worn out

Hi. Brand new here. I found this post because I have a question of a somewhat similar nature. I’m trying to find out if it’s okay to carry my brown scapular in my pocket. I know it’s supposed to be worn front-to-back, but it BUGS me!!! It itches, scratches, moves around (I’ve tried every configuration of safety pins!). It’s TORTURE! It feels like the darn thing is made outta barbed wire & brillo pads! Honest!!! I am SO hoping someone will tell me it’s okay to pin it in a shirt pocket! :slight_smile: ktg

Actually, if you don’t mind doing it, you could paint medals, crosses, etc. with clear nail polish. The most common allergen, in these situations, seems to be nickel and the polish (re-apply every so often) provides a barrier to those prone to dermatitis.

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