Alternatives to Amnesty International?

As many of you are aware, more than a decade ago, a leading human rights organization chose to condone a major human rights violation.

I was saddened by the decision because I used to be really involved with them in high school and college.

Has anyone stepped forward to provide pro-lifers with an alternative to AI that is friendly to Catholic Social Teaching by actually upholds ALL human rights?

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I also donated and volunteered for Amnesty back before they opted to deny the rights of an endangered group. No longer.
Hoping someone will chime in with an alternative group aligned with our faith.

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I’m following this thread.

I, too, was a wild-eyed AA radical back in my college days :crazy_face:

The Sudan Relief Fund is one choice, and is under the patronage of St. Bakhita.


Catholic Charities.

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As am I. Very interested, but doubtful.

But they are typically local. Catholic Relief Services are worldwide, and I certainly support them. But neither are alternatives to Amnesty International, ie an organizaytion focused on human rights.

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I asked this same question but Human Rights Watch, HRW are just as bad. I do think Amnesty and HRW do good works still but yes, I have fundamental disagreements with some of their philosophical outlooks.

By the way everyone, I think we are talking about people who condemn human rights violations and NOT charitable organizations that aid people in need. I’m just saying. I would not even call AI, Amnesty International, a charity at that. Human Rights organization. Observers of someone being done wrong somewhere. NGOs, Non-Governmental Organizations.

For example:

A good question for an apologist.

I used to be there too…I think they sent me a “free Tibet” sticker that I put on the side of my computer monitor. lol.

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NOT being facetious here.
That would be the Church which Christ founded - headed by our Holy Father.

You want to do palpable good? For but two, the Sudan Relief Fund, and the Missionaries of Africa are providing food, medical help and digging wells so that our brothers and sisters do not die of common illness, starvation, or simple dehydration.

That’s pretty pro-life.


So just to clarify, Amnesty International specifically organizes letter-writing campaigns to global governments demanding justice for prisoners of conscience and an end to various human right violations. They’ve gotten great results with the letter-writing approach, and there are some needs around the globe that I’d like to do my small part in helping address. I could always just respond to AI’s action alerts, but I’d like to provide more meaningful support to a more ethical letter-writing organization, if such a group exists.


We’re not talking about charitable organizations, one can give to charitable organizations while still being concerned about human rights. I’d hope most of us give to the local church on up; but the tasks of AI are clearly different.

I was also dismayed to read that Amnesty allegedly has a toxic work environment. And that they seem to be now involved in huge broad ranges of stuff like telling electric car makers to design better batteries. As one who used to work in that industry, I agree that the battery needs improvement and there are environmental disposal concerns, but I don’t associate Amnesty Intl with that stuff.

This organization, Action by Christians Against Torture, is confined to torture and death penalty issues and has been proposed as an alternative for those who don’t like Amnesty supporting abortion.


You may find this of interest:

Somtimes the work of our Dioceses and Bishops wrt Human Rights do not get “advertised” at the parish level.

Other countries’ Bishop’s Councils have human rights efforts as well.

Go to the “Social Actions” Dropdown on the main menu

Asian Bishops

Keep looking until you find one that speaks to you

Aid To The Church in Need
Aid to the church in need does a lot not just helping persecuted Christians but also campaigning for their rights as well.

Is the charity foreign aid of the Irish Bishops conference. They also campaign a lot for Social Justice issues in these countries and raise awareness of environmental destruction and climate change. Often brings to aid to places affected by Natural Disasters and war.

Gosh, at my college, AA didn’t even have a foothold :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::roll_eyes:

I was saved from any attachment or sympathy for AI from the group at my high school. Their faculty leader was, to use the clinical term, “just plain nuts.”

She required students in her classes to write letters to right wing governments demanding release of prisoners as graded tests. Never the leftist governments; they were simply “misunderstood” or some such. It was just on aspect of her hard-left agenda.

She left after my junior or senior year because (and you just can’t make up things like this) she and her husband were heading out on a “cross country nuclear tour” (he fancied himself a musician) in, you guessed it, their VW hippiemobile. And, yes, of course it was held together by socialist and other leftist bumper stickers . . .

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One of my bucket list items is to buy me a red VW microbus to put my shovels and rakes and implements of destruction.
I bought a three inch die-cast model of one and it sits proudly in my kitchen.

I always wanted a VW bug back in the day. By the time I was old enough to buy a car, they were out of style and hadn’t come back in yet. I ended up buying a yellow die-cast model of one at the grocery store. It has psychedelic flower decals on it.

I reckon they probably drive horrible but I just always liked how they looked.

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You wouldn’t believe what they can go for these days.

One immaculately restored 21 (?) window variant when for something like $108k at the Mecum auction here last year. The other went for, believe it or not, $160k!11 :scream::scream::scream:

My first car was a '74 super beetle (but I’d wanted a Kharman Ghia; noone was selling one. Today I would be terrified to go on the road in either . . .)

It handled quite differently from my brother’s '74 beetle, let alone my father’s '64 (they all parked in a row out front for a couple of years). (Bingo!)

Anyway, iso differently that while taking an offramp at my usual speed, which I usually did with one hand turning and the other letting the wheel slide through, I nearly lost control of his!


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