Alternatives to Obamacare

I personally disagree with Obamacare and after poking around this forum a little found that many on here agree with me. So does anyone have any alternative ideas that cover around the same number of people and don’t sink our economy. Personally I think that this job should be given to the states but I’d like to see what others think. Thank you and God bless.

It’s called a free market.

Try medi-share

It’s evangelical, but their statement of faith is pretty generic and I don’t think Catholics for the most part would have a problem with it.

The free market! There’s a novel idea. Let adults make their own life decisions, instead of treating them like children.

Honestly, there’s a good reason why liberalism has been nicknamed “the nanny state.” The liberal agenda assumes that mature adults can’t actually make decisions as to what’s best for themselves, and so the government must do it for them. It’s very insulting, really.

The reason I don’t think that the free market is sufficient is that it hasn’t been. Even now there are still many who don’t have health care. As catholics it is our duty to help the sick. Note that I’m not advocating socialized medicine. I’m looking for an alternative method that helps about the same number of people. Correct me if I’m wrong but the free market has failed to do that.

Thanks. It seems like a much better alternative to Obamacare. Do you think something like this could be applied at a state or national level?


The reason it works is there is not much beuracracy and it’s Christian Values keep it honest and safe.

Sadly the secular world would probably ruin it.

True. It is vey sad.

Concierge medicine.


Solution to healthcare in America:
We are the richest country in the world yet we have the highest per capita health care costs. Malpractice lawsuits and corporate greed are to blame. Immunize doctors from all malpractice suits except those involving willful and wanton or intentional negligence. The cost of care would drop 90% overnight.

I think your position is reasonable, but I would like to point out that the reason the free market has not been sufficient, as you say, is because it hasn’t been allowed to be. Government regulations have stifled it.

Think about all the areas which the government hasn’t (yet) completely taken over; those areas are doing pretty well. Take technology, for example Companies like Apple produce the most amazing technology the world has ever seen, because they are made up of intelligent, hard-working individuals who are allowed to operate in a free, stable market environment. That’s a perfect example of what a truly free market can do. If the free market “doesn’t work,” it’s because it’s not allowed to actually be a free market.

The government hampers the market with excessive regulations and taxes, and when the market buckles under the weight, the government says, “Look, the free market failed! That must mean we need more regulations!” and they persuade people to give them more and more power. That’s exactly what they want.

I’m not intending to come across as angry; :o I’m just explaining why, as you pointed out, the free market sometimes appears to “fail.”


I don’t know of any. The government has illegally created a system where all health insurance companies have been nationalized. Then, if you don’t want Obamacare, the IRS will force you to pay a penalty. The extra money will be a windfall for insurance companies, doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers who will all get a cut. The Unaffordable Health Care Act is law. And if millions of Americans don’t get Obamacare and pay the penalty, well, the government gets more spending money. Every year.


It’s really just a highly sophisticated tax, isn’t it?

Another alternative would be completely nationalized medicine.

The government could use eminent domain to acquire all hospital, lab, clinic, pharmacy and private practice facilities used to practice medicine. And then they could revoke the licenses for all practitioners, only granting new, improved licenses to those practitioners who agreed to accept government employment.

They could also nationalize all drug companies in the US and make those employees government employees…or allow them (if they so chose) to look for another career.

And then the government could pass a law making it a felony to practice medicine commercially or to seek commercial medical care.

Finally, the government could start using exit visas (as well as entry visas) – and deny granting an exit visa to anybody who sought to go off-shore to receive medical treatment (after all, it would not be for the common good, would it?)

That is an alternative.

Not my cup of tea, but it would definitely be an alternative.

Yes, and their lobbyist friends in the Retail Sector will be very upset when Joe Average can’t afford to buy more stuff than he needs because that “disposable” income will be going into the pockets of health insurance companies every month. Isn’t that wonderful?

Didn’t think so.


I agree. The free market is great for encouraging innovation and invention. I am not trying to say that the free market is bad or should be done away with. My point is that it hasn’t been shown to effectively care for the largest amount of people possible. I also don’t think socialism does this efficiently either. Is there an alternative to those two ways? A way to merge them that works? Or maybe a third route that works as effectively? Am i misjudging one or both of these methods of health care? I’m not sure.


You seriously think that would work?!


You would seriously believe such a healthcare system would work? Giving the government a perfect monopoly to do as they please in healthcare, to deny service to whomever they wish, to raise taxes or premiums whenever they wish, to force citizens to stay in the country if they wish to leave to get better healthcare?

Our system would be worse than Canada.

On second thought, you might have just been sarcastic. If so, please tell me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Worse than Canada? A Canadian friend of ours told us of his months long ordeal to have a problem solved. He went from specialist to specialist to specialist (according to the required procedure) until, finally, he was put on a medication that solved 98% of his problem. He was elated. His wife is a nurse by the way.

He warned us about “socialized medicine,” with a grin.

No taxation without representation. According to a judge, Obamacare is a tax, and the IRS will back him up on that with a penalty if you don’t get it.


Yes, our system would be worse than Canada, because we would be implementing everything they are AND we’d have our Dear Leader guiding the ship.

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