Alternatives to the Super Bowl

So – my wife and I won’t be watching the Super Bowl. In fact, we’ll be avoiding it like the plague. So I thought I’d start thread of alternate activities.

First one is a super bowl of prayer. How about all of us around the world who won’t be watching, say the rosary at the moment of kickoff!.

Wanna watch TV – get a good Catholic movie from netflix or wherever - -one that you never thought you’d watch like Going My Way or any of those old classics.

Sit in silence during the game. If can, sit before the Blessed Sacrament.

That’s a start. Now its your turn

God bless


I won’t watch the game, but I have to see the commercials. I will probably put the TV on split screen and switch over when the commercials are on…although my teen boys may have something to say about the game (or maybe not - they are not huge football fans).

I’ll be on silent retreat that weekend.

Now THAT sounds awesome, Super Bowl or not! :thumbsup:


Guess I should have answered the question! :wink:

I plan on being asleep; I’ll be working the next day, and if it’s really cold that night and my horse has to stay inside, I’ll even have to get up an hour earlier to drive out to the farm and either put him back outside for the day (if it’s going to be warm/sunny) or leave him inside (if it’s going to be cold/snowing), and muck the stall and feed and water him.

I’m not a big fan of any sort of professional sport (nothing seriously against it, just not interested). Now, if you had asked me about University of Kentucky basketball…I plan my vacation days around their games!


Most folks down here on the Gulf Coast will be praying very hard…for the Saints to beat the Colts!!! I grew up a Patriots fan, but having lived here a long time, I’d like New Orleans to win for the first time; it will mean a lot to the people there.

I think I’m going to be watching the Super Bowl. There does not seem to be anything wrong with it. It has nothing to do with the plague, it’s just a football game! :rolleyes:

If I didn’t watch the game, I would probably watch LOST. :stuck_out_tongue:

If all else fails, I would offer up the pain of missing out! :thumbsup:

I’m interested to know why you will be avoiding the Super Bowl “like the plague”. Do you not enjoy football? Your team isn’t playing?

Just do whatever you would normally do. :shrug:

I’m not watching the super bowl either but I don’t really think about it as such a big deal… much less see the need to go comparing it to the plague.

First off, to all, my ‘avoid like the plague’ statement is not in any yway to put down anybody’s enjoyment of sport. Heck, I avoid liver and Starbucks coffee like the plague too!

I don’t enjoy football or sports for that matter in the least. They bore the living delights out of me even at their most nail-biting. I don’t have a team even though I live in a city with one and you won’t see me wearing team colours or putting team ‘rah-rah’ sign sin my workspace at work or on my car.

I have a particular problem with the super bowl because of the puffed-up spectacle that it has become. I shake my head in dismay at the cost of the ads at $2.6 million for 30 seconds (, although I do approve of the pro-life ad that will be shown – and hope that it get more than just this 1 airing.

I am dismayed at the scandal that the half-time show has been.

I am dismayed at the incredible salaries paid the players and the outrageous ticket prices.

The last time the team in my town won, the school children got the day off to go to a homecoming/ welcome parade and event. On the day after the super bowl, classes were delayed because they knew that children would be up late watching the spectacle. If only the same would happen if the Holy Father came to town!

I see the excess that the event has become as being almost sinful in nature. Again, I am NOT saying that anyone is sinning by watching it. The event just troubles me.

Therefore, I choose not to participate in the activities associated with it. That’s why I want to see a worldwide super bowl of the Rosary for the world at kickoff.

God bless


Since I don’t watch TV, I won’t be watching the Super Bowl.
Come to think of it, I’m not watching the Olympics.
And I’m not watching American Idol, either.

Depending on the weather, I may be out doing nature photography in hopes of getting some decent sunset scenes. I may hang out on CAF, or maybe call a friend. I may blog … I’m currently writing a photo journalistic series of posts on my participation in the March for Life this past January 22. Here’s a link to the first post in the series for anyone interested in reading it rather than watching the Super Bowl.

Now last year, I actually tried watching the Super Bowl to catch the cute ads. However, I was very disappointed by the violent tone of the ads, and switched it off. This year, I’m glad to hear there’ll at least be a pro-life ad.

~~ the phoenix

Hmm if that’s what you feel you need to do good for you:D How about board games or card games as those can be quite fun:) However I myself shall be watching the super bowl lol.

Just watch it. :stuck_out_tongue:

*Are you upset the Steelers didn’t make it, too? I don’t blame you… ;):smiley:

We might watch it…we’re not that excited about it…we love the Steelers, they are not in it, and my husband has to work that day, so I can’t see myself watching it with the kids…but maybe. I like your idea of coming up with some alternatives. :slight_smile: Do you not like the SB in general? *

*Ok, you answer my question here. I see. Yeah, I can see where you are coming from…I think that for some reason, the SB has become a pompous display over the years…:o I am excited to see the prolife ad, though…I think that it’s awesome when someone takes their talent in sports, and doesn’t throw away their fame, and so forth…but rather they put it to good use…something beyond themselves, like Tebow. Something for God’s kingdom. :thumbsup:

But, if the Steelers are in it…it’s all good. (of course) :D*

Haven’t been interested in years.
A bunch of overpaid, steroid using, prima donnas, being used by corporate empty suits raking in the cash through exploitation.
I would love someone to find for me, in all of human history, in which manhood was measured by how we play a little boys game…:cool:
…and I would think before I used ancient Rome as an example.

There, I said it.
My mind is clean.:cool:

Simply for the sake of the Pro-Life ad that has managed to survive its criticism so far, I will be watching so as to boost the ratings and send the mainstream media a message about what America really believes.

Excesses and steriods? This isn’t baseball. NFL players are drug tested, and busted, frequently, and those high ticket prices pay for two teams to play with 55 players on each team, (compared to baseball - 25, and basketball - 15) their coaches, practice squads, medical staff, travel expense, equipment, and tax revenue for the hosting city. There is only 1 game a week, compared to 3 or 4 with other sports. More than half of the players make less than 1 million a year, and the average career is 8 years. Football is the one sport where 18-year-old boys cannot sign up right after high school. Only 21 and up are allowed.

I’m failing to see the outrageous part. Call me blind… :cool: I’ll do the family rosary before the game.

Who Dat!! Just wanted to point out that many of the New Orleans Saints- as well as other players on other teams- remember that everything they have been blessed with comes from their Father. And they have done some wonderful work giving back to their community. In New Orleans the New Orleans Saints have been great stewards of not only their money but of hope.
At a time when many were ready to write off the entire state and Gulf Coast, these strangers came to town and let us know we were not alone. After seeing some of the worst in humanity, they reminded us of the tremendous amount of good that also exists in the hearts of man. After a lot of distrust and wariness some of us had of each other, they reminded us that the things that unite us are greater than what might divide us- and not just in the superDome.

Even if I weren’t a Saints fan, I’d still have to show my support and appreciation for all of that.

we are having our oblate meeting, because our hostess (like many winter Texans) is from Minnesota, and are boycotting the whole thing

I don’t think this hill is worth dying on, and I don’t think it’s worth challenging others about and creating an atmosphere of unpleasantness in your workplace, church, or social gatherings.

Live and let live. The Superbowl is immense fun for many of us in the middle of the cold winter, with at least six more weeks of winter left.

Unfortunately my team (Bears) didn’t come anywhere near the Super Bowl. But NEXT year…!

Football is a complex and fascinating game. It’s not a “little boy’s game” at all, although little boys can play a version of it in the vacant lots and parks in their hometowns.

I compare football to chess because of all of the different strategies involved.

I sincerely challenge anyone who doesn’t think highly of the game of football to learn more about the game. One of the universities in our area offered a class for women (and anyone else who is ignorant about football), presented by the Head Coach of the university football team. 150 women signed up for this course, and it seemed to be very apppreciated by all these women, most of whom remarked that they had no idea what football was all about before they took the class.

See if there’s a class in your town.

The athletes who play football are among some of the best-trained in the world in any sport. I don’t know how much you weigh, but add enough weights to bring your weight up to 250 pounds, and then try running a hundred yards at top speed. Or try turning a backflip from a standing position. Not easy. But football players do these things and more.

No government (your tax) monies are used to present the Super Bowl. Yes, the local governments are put to some large expense for traffic control, public safety, etc., but they more than make it back in tourism dollars.

It’s all private money. That alone should make us all cheer!

It’s a free choice to get involved with the hoopla and watch the game, or totally ignore it. No one is forced to watch. You might feel pressured to get involved with the discussions in your workplace or social gatherings, but there are always plenty of people who don’t watch that you can pal around with a for a week or so. Just smile at all the Super Bowl crazies (like me) and say, “Wow, sounds exciting!”

As for the high salaries, consider dividing the salary by “number of people served.” In my position in the hospital lab, I serve a few hundred people everyday. Let’s say a thousand a week. That means that if my salary is divided up, each of these people pays me approximately $1.50. Not much money, right?

But NFL players serve millions of people, and over a billion for the Super Bowl. That means that when the “huge” salaries of the players are divided among the people served, each person pays fractions of pennies. Not much at all.

And I agree with other posters that NFL gives back hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of volunteerism to the country.

Go ahead and find something else to do on Sunday. That’s fine. I’ll be watching the Super Bowl, and this year, I really don’t care who wins. It’s the game that important.

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