Alveda C. King - Is she Catholic? NEED HELP

Did she convert to Catholicism??? I need to know ASAP!!! THANKS!!

Dr. Alveda B. King? She is a Pastoral Associate for Priests for Life and Coordinator of our African American Outreach.


I was reading that she is not a Catholic though.

So she is not a cATHOLIC?

I don’t think she’s Catholic; I think she just works with Priests for Life. That said, it seems funny to be so involved with so many Catholics all the time if you’re not Catholic yourself. A quick web search didn’t turn up anything.

I’m just curious: why does it matter? is there a wager, or are you in the middle of a report? :confused:

I don’t think she is Catholic, though. I think she is just an anti-abortion spokesperson. :slight_smile:

If you check out Wikipedia it will give more bio. No, she is not Catholic although she endorses many of our Catholic values. She is uniquely very prolife African-American woman who understands the dangers of accepting abortion as a civil right, when in fact it endangers all Americans particularly the black race.

subscript is mine.

That is not unusual at all. I worked with an Archdiocese in their ministry to the disabled. The majority of the staff were Black American Baptists. They did an excellent job. They were very supportive of the Church’s mission to minister to the disabled and to proclaim the Gospel to them and to their families.

We took what we had in common and built on it. We prayed together and even attended mass together every week at the Pastoral Center. There are many Protestants and Jews who work very closely with the Catholic Church.

One of the most prominent theologians on St. Teresa of Avila and professor at several Pontifical Universities, including those in Rome is an American Rabbi.

The best known expert on Padre Pio and other stigmatists is a Lutheran Minister and theologian. In fact he made an excellent presentation on the stigmata on Fr. Benedict’s show on EWTN.

There are also Catholic theologians and ministers who work with non Catholic ministries. The Franciscans in Jerusalem run the Center for the Family along with the local Rabbinical School. There is a great deal of love and respect among them. They pray together. The counsel families in crisis and they provide spiritual and material support for famiies who are victims of the violence between Israel and Palestine.


JR :slight_smile:

Goodness. This is actually hard to understand. :eek: :shrug: What is generally the barrier for conversion for Rabbis and Lutheran ministers?

Why is it so funny? What about the Catholics that are involved with Protestants?:shrug:

While birds-of-a-feather, and all… but that doesn’t mean that you believe what they believe on all the same levels.:rolleyes:

The important part is that we all believe in the same God… although some of us are with people who believe in a different god.

Jesus walked with people who didn’t believe in Him, and never did, and they didn’t believe in the same God.

We’re no different today. :slight_smile:

Just embrace the things you share in common.:thumbsup:

Has Alveda King spoken out openly against Obama in any public forum?

Not sure about Obama in particular. However,she is no fan of Planned Parenthood. I went to one of her talk at the Catholic Conference in Denver,last year. She is a post abortive women. Her story is very enlightening as it exposes PP real agenda going all the way back to it’s founder Margaret Sanger.It isn’t pretty.:frowning:

No, she is not a Catholic…yet! I say this because so many converts to Catholicism
have a background of working with Catholics in the pro-life movement and they then
“came home”. :slight_smile:

Not Obama specifically, but things he supports like abortion.

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