Always a Mom...

I’ve come to realize you are always a Mom no matter how old your kids get.

My adult daughter phoned me today. I happened to be in the middle of a business meeting. When I heard her sobs I stood up and excused myself and attended to her.

She is a business professional in middle management for a very large company. She was in charge of a project and she believed she had screwed up big time. The CEO’s, VP’s and such were not happy, “not pleased” and everything was her fault, she said. “I might as well quit. I’m so done here. I don’t know what to do.”

As I listened, I could hear the little child that I knew. The perfectionist who worried about the smallest details. Here she was again, back. Not the powerful businesswoman that I usually hear on the phone. Not the one who gives me advice on how to live my life… lol.

Anyway, I said to calm down, and I did calm her down quite a bit. After getting off the phone, though my heart was breaking for her. My business meeting had ended, so I simply went to my prayer place, and prayed a rosary (rather distractedly, admittedly) and then some more prayers, and then I just pleaded with the Father to help my daughter.

I texted her a little while ago. She is out of town, on a business trip. I told her I was so worried about her, and that I had prayed for her. She phoned me right back. She was so calm, and happy. She said she had to drive the Cfo to the airport. He was very complimentary and calming and shook her hand goodbye and said what a wonderful job she had done. Then back at the hotel, the other VP’s told her not to take things so seriously, everything was fine.

She said she KNEW I had prayed. Things had turned around so dramatically.

I told her she better thank the right person when she goes to bed. Not Mom. but her Mom “upstairs” and the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Always the Mom, our Momma in Heaven is… :slight_smile:

What a wonderful example you are! God is Good :slight_smile:

What a touching story; thanks for sharing it with us.
God bless you!

Ill always remember that…lovely!

Our adult children always turn to us for reassurance and emotional support. I totally get this!!! Bless you for being such a great mom!
And our Mother is always willing to listen!

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