Always Worried that My Anger is Mortal


I want to preface this by saying I am Scrupulous according to various Priests.

Anyway, I always worry that if I get angry or something it might be mortal. For example, I was thinking earlier about this Protestant woman who I felt wronged me awhile back because I was Catholic and I thought about what I would like to say to her (something along the lines of “Shut the Hell up!” or something).

Also, today is a major football game and my house is close enough to the stadium that my father and I park cars on the lawn to make some easy money. Anyway, I got frustrated over something and though an angry thought towards my father, wanting to him to hurry up on something and it was like it crossed my mind 'for [Our Lord’s name]‘s sake’ and I worried I thought/took the Lord’s name in vein. Also, sometimes people can be rude–it is before a major football game after all–and I think angry thoughts or, occasionally, it’s like a curse word will get muttered by me or something…I don’t know.

Anyway, I was just at Confession yesterday and I now worry that I committed mortal sin by getting angry or frustrated or ruminating on a wrong I think someone committed against me and what I’d like to tell said woman.


Anger is an emotion - like lots of our emotions and thoughts it’s impossible for us to keep them perfectly under control. And sometimes we shouldn’t control them - after all, Jesus whipped the moneychangers out of the Temple, clearly an instance of righteous anger that He was within His rights to express.

We can, however, choose not to ACT on those emotions and thoughts. Or to respond to them in a Christian way, for example by doing something constructive about the situation that’s frustrating us if we can, or saying a quick prayer both for ourselves and for whoever/whatever is annoying us if we can’t.

Remember that these emotional and frustrating situations, like all our patiently-borne sufferings, can be offered up to God in union with Jesus’ own sufferings, in reparation for our sins and for the good of the souls in purgatory. Don’t waste the opportunity, or worse still do the opposite and turn it into an occasion of sin by fruitless responses like cursing or yelling at people or what have you.

It’s only if you get angry to the point where you’re acting out in a gravely sinful way (ie by cursing involving the Lord’s name) that it becomes possibly (not guaranteed) a mortal sin, not otherwise.


Try asking St. Jerome for his help. I have read that he was a very crabby man. He had a bad temper and a sharp tongue! So, there is hope for us… who suffer from quick tempers.

I think I will add him to my own “Prayer Committee”! :blushing: God bless, and don’t give up!

St. Jerome… please pray for the “quick tempered”. :gopray:


I went to confession for the first time in about 20 years this spring. I confessed my anger and Father said it wasn’t a sin to be angry. Now I am certain if anger was vented in unhealthy ways and others were hurt - that would be a sin.


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